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CIC Human Resources

Staff Teaching and Dual Compensation

The College of Information and Communications supports our staff to grow through teaching and dual employment opportunities. The college follows the university’s dual employment policy HR 1.78.

Revised:  July 20, 2022

Staff should not agree to teach or to perform any duties requiring additional (dual) compensation prior to submitting a request and receiving approval.

The decision to allow a staff to teach or have dual employment during an their standard work hours is solely at the discretion of the dean of the college.


When are you required to submit a teaching or dual compensation request?

  • You want to work on a grant.
  • You have been asked to perform additional duties outside the normal purview of your primary job within the college.
  • You want to be hired for any purpose by another entity at the university.
  • You want to teach a course for the CIC or any other academic unit at the university, i.e., U101.

Who is eligible to apply for dual compensation?

  • Staff new to the university must have been in their current role for six months.
  • Staff transferring within the university must have been in their current role for three months.
  • Staff must have satisfactory job performance and EPMS review.

CIC policies and regulations for teaching and dual employment:

  • Staff must provide a specified plan on how they will be able to meet the requirements of their primary job while being engaged in dual employment.
  • All time spent during regular work hours for any dual employment must be made up.  This time includes, but is not limited to, prepping for, travel to and from, teaching,  or completing any work related to the dual employment. 
  • Staff must create a specified plan as to how they will make up the time spent during regular work hours on dual employment.
  • Only one course/dual assignment is allowed during staff's standard work hours (approval required).

Process for Requesting Teaching/Dual Compensation

  • Staff should submit the Staff Teaching/Dual Comp Request Form.
  • Submitted requests will be reviewed and approved by employee’s supervisor.
  • Approved requests are then routed to the Dean’s Office for final review.
  • Employees and supervisors will be contacted by the CIC human resources manager to confirm approval and that all required documentation is on file.

Questions? Need More Information:

Contact us:
Rachel Rolli, Human Resources Manager
Phone: 803-777-4105

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