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CIC Human Resources


The College of Information and Communications recognizes the value of telecommuting for our employees. Telecommuting is a management tool allowing for flexibility in work options, but it's not suitable for all employees or positions.   

  • Telecommuting does not change the basic terms and conditions of employment. It is a management option and not a universal employee benefit.  
  • The decision to allow an employee to telecommute is solely at the discretion of the College of Information and Communications.  
  • The university/college may revoke the approval of any employee to telecommute at any time, with or without notice. 
  • CIC has approved eligible employees to telecommute a maximum of one scheduled day per week. 
  • CIC eligible employees are not permitted to telecommute on Mondays or Fridays.  
  • If an employees scheduled telecommuting day falls on sick/annual leave or university holiday, the holiday and/or leave supersedes the scheduled telecommuting day for that week. This does not allow employees to change their scheduled day.  

Please contact Rachel Rolli ( with questions. 

Policies and Procedures

The CIC follows the university’s telecommuting policy HR 1.22

Eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to:  

  • Must have satisfactory job performance and EPMS review 
  • Employees new to the university must complete their one-year probationary period and have a satisfactory EPMS review on file
  • Employees transferring within the university must complete their six-months probationary period and have a satisfactory EPMS review on file
  • Employees must be classified as one of the following job codes: 
    • AH10, AH15, AH35, AH45, AA75, AG15
    • CB70, CB75, CB80 
    • BC20, BC30
    • CC30
    • UD13 

Once telecommuting request documents are completed and approved by employee’s supervisor, all documents should be emailed to for review/approval. Requests are then submitted to Employee Relations for final review and approval.  

Employees should not begin telecommuting until telecommuting request has been approved by Employee Relations.  

All employees must apply and be approved to telecommute. Complete the following forms with your supervisor:  

Supervisors and employees  must complete the following forms to establish clear telecommuting expectations:   

Submit completed and approved telecommuting request forms to CIC human resource manager at  

Once forms are reviewed and approved by the CIC Dean’s Office, requests are then submitted to Employee Relations 

Employee’s and supervisors will be contacted by the CIC human resource manager to confirm telecommuting approval or if additional information is needed to review the request  

Employee’s approved to telecommute are required to submit this Monthly Telecommuting Activity Report.

  • All fields are REQUIRED
  • If an employee does not telecommute on their scheduled day for any reason, JotForm must be completed for that week notating (worked in office, on leave, paid holiday, etc.)

Submission Deadlines 
The Monthly Activity Report must be submitted no later than the 7th day of the following month.

Failure to submit form by deadline, will result in:  

  • First Offense: Written warning .
  • Second Offense: Suspension of telecommuting agreement for 6 months.
    • After the 6-month suspension, employee must resubmit a new telecommuting request.
    • Telecommuting activity submissions will be reviewed and approved by employee supervisor and college human resource manager.

Telecommuting agreements must be renewed annually!

Additionally, an agreement must be updated if conditions change.  Conditions may include changes to your date of telecommuting,  job duties or specific provisions within the telecommuting agreement. Reviews will occur concurrently with annual EPMS reviews unless your supervisor deems it necessary to review/update your telecommuting agreement prior to that date.  

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Telecommuting Schedules

The following employees have been approved to telecommute.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Laura Thorp Terri Moorer Kara Law Terri Moorer Terri Moorer
CJ Faulk Rachel Rolli Terri Moorer Shana Watson  
Rushondra James Kelsey Ashford Art Farlowe Dora Stryffeler  
Terri Moorer Rebecca Boyd   Sabrina McClure  

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