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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

Gibbons Legacy Society

The Dr. Joseph and Geneva Gibbons Legacy Society is a prestigious giving society which recognizes donors who show an exceptional dedication to the college’s mission. This society not only celebrates the Gibbons’ impact but also serves as a testament to the power of philanthropy in transforming educational landscapes.

Dr. Joseph and Geneva Gibbons

Membership in the Dr. Joseph and Geneva Gibbons Legacy Society is bestowed upon individuals who contribute $10,000 or more to the Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing over their lifetime. As a token of the college’s gratitude, members will receive an exclusive invitation to the Gibbons Society Dinner each spring. The event formerly celebrates the college’s most esteemed benefactors while also paying tribute to the distinguished alumni and young alumni award recipients each year. Additionally, Gibbons Society members will be prominently featured in college publications and will enjoy exclusive event invitations offered by the college throughout the year.

Dr. Joseph and Geneva Gibbons Legacy Society Members

Lillian J. Ash*
James* and Velma Atkinson
Frank Ballew Jr. and Wei Wong-Ballew
Ralph and Deborah Barbier
John and Nancy Barnhill
Benny T. Bootle*
Edward B. Cantey*
Mvs Chandrashekhar
Thomas and Marilyn Culpepper*
Leslie N. Daley
Albert and Eileen Delorey
Billy H. Dickson
Richard S. Durlach
Charles G. Eaddy*
Salvatore* and Mona Iannotti
Thomas W. Jones*
Mary S. Malone*
Frances L. Marchette
John C. Massey
Thomas and Debra McLean
Harry K. McMillan Jr.
Harry K. McMillan Sr.* and Opal F. Brown
Alex Pappas and Ann Maners
Alex and Kristin Molinaroli
Mary A. Patterson*
Howard and Susan Pendley
Alan K. Phillips
Kenneth and Carolyn Polston
Richard E. Porter
Mendel* and Ruth Rast
Lilla M. Richards*
Michael and Susan Shalosky
Heather F. Smith
Eugene and Rebecca Steadman
Mallie B. Storey*
John E. Swearingen*
George and Cathryn Thomas
Lenore M. Towne*
William L. Turner*
Christopher and Mary Vlahoplus
Emil W. Wald*
Larry* and Wraellen Winn

* Deceased

Jeff and Leslie Archie
Phillip and Sharon Arnold
Gerald and Catherine Bauknight
J C. Bays
Dale and Karen Bennett
William and Rachael Best
John G. Blackmon*
William F. Bloking
Frank and Mary Callcott
Andrew and Kathleene Card
Lewis and Naomi Caswell
William and Beaumont Cathcart*
Jayana Clerk
Karen M. Dent*
Stephen and Ursula Dryden
Edward and Nan Easterlin
Deepal and Margaret Eliatamby
William and Cynthia Elks
John and Joyce Fain
Terry and Karen Floyd
Ling Gao
Joseph* and Geneva Gibbons
Thomas L. Gregory
Juana B. Gustin
Charles* and Jean Haggard
Michael and Michelle Hogue
Doris D. Kahn*
Asif W. Khan
Robert* and Nancy Koons
Susan and Philip Lessner
Hamilton and Barbara Lott
Lei Lu
Stephen and Christine McNeill
Darla D. Moore
Walter and Roberta Moore
Larry and Eilene Nunnery
Thomas and Trina Powers
John* and Aliese Price
Allan M. Quick
Danny and Cynthia Reynolds
Legrand and Susan Richardson
Henry M. Rothberg*
Barbara Rusinko and Brent Landry
Hubert and Shameika Schreier
Russell and Laurie Schwartz
Marva A. Smalls
Barry and Beth Storey
Elizabeth and Michael Sutton
Alfred and Sarah Tollison
John and Susan Ward
Ralph White and Marjorie Nicholson
Barbara and Demetrius Whye
Jennifer Wilcox
George* and Patricia Wilson
Mitchell and Kristin Wingo

* Deceased

Eric and Heather Bruce
Edward and Cynthia Brunson
Floyd H. Davis*
Clarence L. Fishburne*
Kenneth Fujishiro*
Betty Grant and Raymond Henderson
Dorothy C. Johnson*
Robert D. Lambert*
Bertram Levine*
David and Mary Jo Monts**
Paul and Nancy Pinson
Edmund L. Potter*
Barbara M. Smith*

* Deceased

Carol W. Anson
Allen S. Bashore*
Harold and Carolyn Benson
James and Anne Bessant
Zoher and Farida Bharmal
Joe and Jo Bickley
Richard H. Blackmon
Jeffrey and Suzanne Brewer
Robert and Cathy Brookshire
Duncan A. Buell
Clifton J. Burnett
Rui Cao and Michelle Wang
Thomas and Janice Carson
William and Debra Catoe
John and Jenny Caughman
Chimin and Yuh-Jen Chao
Gopal and Miranda Chakrabarti
Grace Y. Chu*
Howard and Kathy Coogler
Thomas A. Davis*
Floyd and Joanne Dent
Graham C. Dixon*
Cynthia A. Dreher
Joel Gissendanner and Patricia Dunlop
Amarinthia and Templeton Elliott
Alfred F. Endler
Elizabeth Endler and Gary Wells
Edward and Margaret Ernst**
Margaret and Dennis Estabrooks
Wade F. Fisher*
William and Debbie Fox
Christopher and Leslie Gintz
Dean and Pam Gissendanner
M. Dexter Hagy
Amarinthia W. Henderson*
Edward and Mary Henderson
Kendell and Beverly Holbrook
Thomas W. Houston
Cecilia and Chiway Hsiung
Wilfred* and Emma Humphries
David and Deborah Husband
Sherrill A. Inabinet
Dennis G. Jordan
Madhuramba Krishnamurthy
Haifeng M. Li
Judith L. Lindau*
Uriel Lovelace and Gretchen Lingenfelser
Roger Milne and Krista Marks
Wilbur and Donna Marner
Jethro* and Cherryl Matthews
Michael and Sue Matthews
Russell B. Maxey*
J. and Michelle McMahon
Thomas Messer
James and Emily Perakis
Thomas and Lucy Powers
Everett and Lynne Reynolds
Curtis and Suzanne Rhodes**
James F. Rice*
Michael T. Richey
Horace and Ann Ritter
Robert P. Roof
Michael M. Royko
Daniel and Emilyn Sanders
Fayez Sarofim*
Anne M. Schneider
John Hardee II and William Shalosky Hardee II
Wayne and Dorothy Shealy
Jeffrey and Sharon Siirola
Mason and Kelly Simmons
Donald R. Singer
John and Marilyn Skolds
Carl and Lucy Smith**
John and Victoria Snowden
Venkat R. Subramanian
Jerry and Linda Suddeth
Virgil C. Summer*
James and Carmen Summey
Robert and Joyce Sumwalt*
Cunningham and Mary Thomas
Eric Thorgerson and Elizabeth Foote
Francis Timmons III and Herbert Caldwell Jr.
James H. Wallace
Jeffery and Susan Warren
Mary E. Watts
John D. Waugh
Alan P. Williams
Robert P. Williams
Harold S. Wrenn*

* Deceased

The Gibbons Impact

Dr. Joseph Gibbons, who passed away on July 5, 2023, served the college for 43 years from 1963 to 2006. In addition to his teaching and mentoring, he was the chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering for 15 years and associate dean for academic affairs. Gibbons was also interim dean from 1999 to 2000. He retired with the title of Chemical Engineering Distinguished Professor Emeritus.  

Gibbons was a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers as well as a member of numerous engineering societies. In 2005, he received the Order of the Palmetto, the highest civilian honor awarded by the Governor of South Carolina. Among his many awards included the USC Educational Foundation Service Award and the CEC Distinguished Alumnus Award. The Joseph H. Gibbons Omicron Delta Kappa USC Outstanding Senior award is presented annually at the university’s Awards Day.

“The Dr. Joseph and Geneva Gibbons Society epitomizes our college community’s lifelong commitment to giving, symbolizing the Gibbons’ enduring dedication to shaping our institution’s future. It’s yet another fitting tribute to these remarkable individuals who’ve influenced all that were fortunate enough to intersect their journey.” – Will Johnson, Senior Director of  Development 

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