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College of Engineering and Computing

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Our Labs and Groups

Explore our department's active research labs, groups, centers and institutes. Faculty in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are actively engaged in research in the areas of transportation, environment, geotechnics and smart infrastructures.

Mechanical Engineering,Advanced Manufacturing,Civil and Environmental Engineering,Aerospace Engineering,Artificial Intelligence Adaptive Real-Time Systems Laboratory (ARTS-Lab) Machine learning; Artificial intelligence, Real-time control; Sensors; Impact; High-rate; Structural health monitoring; Dense sensor networks; Autonomous systems; Embedded systems Downey, Austin AI, mechanical, civil, aerospace,
Intelligent Infrastructure,Civil and Environmental Engineering Advanced Railroad Technology Group Railway engineering; Infrastructure design; Multi-modal transportation Rizos, Dimitris civil, environmental
Intelligent Infrastructure,Civil and Environmental Engineering Berge Research Laboratory Municipal solid waste; Waste conversion to value-added products; Hydrothermal carbonization; Life-cycle assessment; Waste treatment; Waste management; Landfills Berge, Nicole waste streams, resource recovery, bioreactor, carbon sequestration, civil, environmental, civil and environmental engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering BioAerosol Contaminant Transport and Control Technology Lab Flow visualization; Aerosol diagnostics; Biomechanical property characterization; Artificial intelligence; Multi-variable design spaces Hoque, Shamia civil and environmental engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, AI
Civil and Environmental Engineering Geotechnical Research and Centrifuge Modeling Laboratories Soil properties and behaviors; Soil-structure interactions, Geotechnical earthquake engineering; Unsaturated soils; Internal erosion; Centrifuge modeling; Natural hazards Sasanakul, Inthuorn natural disaster, flooding, dams, flood, hurricane, sinkhole, civil, environmental
Civil and Environmental Engineering Integrated Water and Environmental Resources Systems (iWERS) Water resources modeling and management; Systems engineering; Artificial intelligence; Hydrology; Stormwater management; Water/energy/food nexus; Hydroinformatics; Flood modeling and management Goharian, Erfan civil, environmental, AI
Advanced Manufacturing,Mechanical Engineering,Aerospace Engineering,Civil and Environmental Engineering Multiscale Manufacturing & Mechanics of Materials and Structures Group (MSMOMS) Composites; Fibers; Automated tow placement; Process-Structure-Property; Computational/experimental mechanics; Materials-by-Design; Dynamic composite behavior Sockalingam, Subramani Aerospace, armor, ballistic impact, mechanical, civil, environmental
Civil and Environmental Engineering Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) Levee breach; Dam failure; International research; Flooding; Erosion Chaudhry, Hanif civil, environmental
Civil and Environmental Engineering,Transforming Health Care,Intelligent Infrastructure Structural Dynamics and Intelligent Infrastructure Laboratory Structural dynamics; Model updating; Structural health monitoring; Earthquake engineering; Structural control Caicedo, Juan civil, environmental, SDII
Intelligent Infrastructure,Civil and Environmental Engineering Transportation Geotechnics Research Group Railroad infrastructure; Smart track; Pavement; Aggregate behavior; Computer vision; Object detection; Image processing Qian, Yu discrete element simulation, computational fluid dynamics, finite element simulation, railway, civil and environmental engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering Transportation Geotechnics Research Laboratory Yu Qian Transportation, Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Edge Computing, Geotechnics, Railroad, Highway, Pavement, Airport
Civil and Environmental Engineering Viparelli Group River engineering; Sediment transport Viparelli, Enrica estuary, delta, tides, coast, turbidity current, restoration, morphodynamics, sediment sorting, civil, environmental
Advanced Manufacturing,Aerospace Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Civil and Environmental Engineering,Nuclear Energy,Nuclear Engineering Visualized Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory Quantitative nondestructive evaluation; Structural health monitoring; Non-contact guided ultrasonic waves; Remote sensing; Laser technology Yu, Lingyu aerospace, civil, mechanical, nuclear

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