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Meet the CEC development team

The CEC development team has benefited from significant growth over the last year. During fiscal year 2023, the team worked alongside donors establishing multiple new endowed scholarships, supporting graduate fellowships and impacting research funds.

Boltin's work aims to learn the analytics behind data collection

By merging biomedical science with cutting-edge technology, Nicholas Boltin is working toward unlocking the potential to transform patient care and improve medical outcomes.

Integrating curriculum, experiences and internships for cyberwarfare training

This past February, IIT Professor Jorge Crichigno began a three-year research project that aims to better prepare students and professionals for careers in cyberwarfare.

Unique program strengthens relationship between USC and Boeing

The University of South Carolina is one of only six institutions in the country selected to partner with Boeing on its Accelerated Leadership Program, which provides scholarships, and internship and career opportunities for participating students.

Ling uses NSF CAREER Award for spray simulations and multi-phase flows

Since arriving at USC last August, Stanley Ling has continued his research into utilizing models and simulations to examine how different operating conditions affect spray formation.

CEC alumna leads effort for honor cord recognition

Thanks to the efforts of alumna Jenny Painter, 69 universities across the country now use honor cords to recognized students who have passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

Two CEC alumnae receive honorary doctorate degrees

CEC alumnae Barbara Rusinko and Barbara Whye each received an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree at this spring's University of South Carolina commencement ceremony.

Cocky: Out of the Box

Sarah Sylvester and the Cocky persona have become incredibly close over her two-year stint as one of the most recognizable mascots in college sports.

Faculty Feature: Odell Glenn Jr.

Along with a passion for STEM education, Instructor Odell Glenn Jr. is also a published author, podcast host and pastor.

Heyden's research aims to transform the energy and chemical industries

The fundamental motivation for Professor Andreas Heyden's research group is the belief in global warming and its immediate consequences. For the last 16 years at the College of Engineering and Computing, he has collaborated with colleagues and students on research to improve the sustainability of the energy and chemical industries.

Interdisciplinary research analyzes impact of family on STEM education

One CEC professor is utilizing a National Science Foundation grant to examine the influence of family on student interest and persistence in engineering.

Using machine learning algorithms for challenging image analyses

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to transform patient care, and Assistant Professor Forest Agostinelli is currently pursuing research on predicting outcomes for patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease.

DePratter one of four USC students named Goldwater Scholars

Biomedical engineering student Shannon DePratter recently earned a national award that recognizes the outstanding work and research of STEM undergraduates.

2023 CEC graduates receive outstanding senior awards

CEC seniors were recognized for their outstanding achievements at the University Awards Day ceremony on Thursday, April 20.

Fund established in honor of CEC alumnus

The purpose of the Tao Gao Endowed Scholarship Fund is to provide support for undergraduate scholarships to support students with a demonstrated need for financial aid.

Multidisciplinary approach drives success for one alumnus

Alumnus Jake Martin's pursuit of multiple disciplines stems from his early interest in engineering combined with his introduction to physics through internships. He is utilizing his engineering and physics expertise in a variety of projects during his current graduate studies.

AI-powered experimentation fuels energy research

In their drive to develop new catalysts for energy production, Jochen Lauterbach's research team is using artificial intelligence to speed up and improve the process of finding novel combinations of catalyst materials.

2023 NSF CAREER Award Winners

The NSF CAREER Award will help support assistant professors Austin Downey and Qi Zhang for five years in their early career development activities to successfully integrate research and education.

USC Honors students earn Goldwater scholarships

Undergraduate researchers thrive at the University of South Carolina. If you need proof, look no further than the Goldwater Scholarship, a national award recognizing the exceptional work and dedication of STEM undergraduates towards their research careers.

CEC to host second annual Diversity Gala

The CEC will celebrate diversity with an event that also provides an opportunity for students to network with industry professionals.

CEC honors distinguished alumni

The CEC took time to recognize distinguished alumni and thank donors at the Alumni Awards and Benefactor Dinner at the Pastides Alumni Center.

Palmettos to palms and back

Instructor Natasha Delahunt teaches a subject that may not be considered creative. But with an undergraduate degree in theater and after working in the performing arts, she realizes creativity can be found in almost any field.

Zhang plans research with symmetries in AI for NSF CAREER Award

Computer Science and Engineering Assistant Professor and AI researcher Qi Zhang plans to utilize his NSF CAREER Award to identify and utilize symmetries for cooperative AI tasks to maximize their combined benefit.

Bringing HIV testing to patients

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Assistant Professor Chang Liu is currently working on research that aims to develop a specialized HIV self-test that could help lower transmission rates and allow for early treatment to reduce the chances of developing AIDS.

Student Spotlight: Lauren Speck

Senior Lauren Speck developed an interest in engineering when her grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Combined with her interests in science and math, Speck's personal experience caring for her grandmother ultimately led her to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering.

Amit Sheth leads center that seeks to integrate AI into all research

Since its inception, the Artificial Intelligence Institute of South Carolina has enjoyed rapid growth, earned significant accolades and fostered multiple partnerships in its efforts to infuse artificial intelligence expertise into the framework of research at USC.


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