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Zhang plans research with symmetries in AI for NSF CAREER Award

Computer Science and Engineering Assistant Professor and AI researcher Qi Zhang plans to utilize his NSF CAREER Award to identify and utilize symmetries for cooperative AI tasks to maximize their combined benefit.

Bringing HIV testing to patients

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Assistant Professor Chang Liu is currently working on research that aims to develop a specialized HIV self-test that could help lower transmission rates and allow for early treatment to reduce the chances of developing AIDS.

Student Spotlight: Lauren Speck

Senior Lauren Speck developed an interest in engineering when her grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Combined with her interests in science and math, Speck's personal experience caring for her grandmother ultimately led her to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering.

Amit Sheth leads center that seeks to integrate AI into all research

Since its inception, the Artificial Intelligence Institute of South Carolina has enjoyed rapid growth, earned significant accolades and fostered multiple partnerships in its efforts to infuse artificial intelligence expertise into the framework of research at USC.

Alumni Q&A: Aisha Moultrie

Aisha Moultrie graduated in 2007 with a degree in civil and environmental engineering. She faced many challenges as an undergraduate, but her positive experience in Associate Professor Michael Meadows senior design class played a pivotal role in her career.

Sewing & Swearingen

Biomedical engineering junior Mina Schaafsma is quite a talented student. Whether it is doing research or making her own clothes, she always makes time to pursue her academic and creative interests.

Faculty Feature: Christian O'Reilly

Computer Science and Engineering Professor Christian O'Reilly has completed research in artificial intelligence and identifying brain differences between neurotypical people and individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Austin Downey earns NSF CAREER Award

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Austin Downey recently received an NSF CAREER Award that will build on his previous research involving time constraints in real-time machine learning.

Engineering alumna uses beauty pageants, philanthropy to inspire STEM interest in young girls

Miss USA Morgan Romano knows all too well that only 28% of the STEM workforce is made up of women, and she's using her platform to spark interest in young girls and help create a pipeline for more women to pursue careers in the STEM fields.

Improving condensation rates for more energy efficient systems

Condensers are essential parts of any two-phase systems, such as air conditioners. Since energy efficiency of these systems is important, Mechanical Engineering Professor Chen Li is currently utilizing a technique for the optimal effectiveness of household, industrial and space systems.

Adapting innovative systems for more secure naval communications

U.S. Navy communications and mission capabilities continue to evolve from basic voice communications to higher data bandwidths, which require new modes of operation. Electrical Engineering Professor Guoan Wang is currently leading research for creating future infrastructure for secure wireless communications.

Sousaphones & STEM

If you do not see seniors Tally Bovender and Ahmad Alford in one of the CEC buildings, you can probably find them with their sousaphones preparing for an upcoming band performance.

Protecting critical infrastructure through high-assurance security and authorization

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware cyberattack in 2021 showed how unauthorized users could use stolen credentials to infiltrate the country's critical infrastructure systems. Computer Science and Engineering Professor Csilla Farkas is currently working to help implement a stronger authorization framework that is more resilient against cyberattacks.

Office of Research honors extraordinary researchers at USC with the 2023 Breakthrough Awards

The Office of the Vice President for Research is pleased to announce the exceptional faculty members and graduate students selected to receive the 2023 Breakthrough research awards.

USC joins IBM Quantum Hub

The University of South Carolina (USC) has joined the IBM Quantum Hub at North Carolina State University. In addition to supporting industry and university partners, the IBM Quantum Hub also focuses on educating the next generation of quantum computing users and developers.

DoD program offers significant opportunity for cybersecurity students

Erin Kremer is one student experiencing the benefits of the Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program. Now, Kremer and Computer Science and Engineering Professor Csilla Farkas are encouraging other students interested in cybersecurity to apply.

Opening doors to research

While COVID-19 limited in-person interactions, senior Corinne Smith took advantage of a unique opportunity created by the pandemic to begin her undergraduate research experiences.

Alumni Q&A: Grace Porter

Grace Porter, '18 is not only working to improve the state's transportation infrastructure, she is also passionate to mentor and prepare the next generation of engineers.

USC researcher continues quest to find new therapeutics for Alzheimer’s

USC researcher Melissa Moss has studied Alzheimer's disease for decades, and she's coming closer to finding medicines that will help patients keep their memories longer.

Artificial Intelligence, real application

On his way to earning his Ph.D. in computer science, Manas Gaur has worked to integrate more "human knowledge" into artificial intelligence. His work has applications in a wide range of fields from mental health care to autonomous driving.

2022 Year in Review

It has been another successful calendar year with innovative research, student success and recognition, and alumni achievements. Take a look back at some of the research, awards and events throughout 2022.

December 2022 Graduate Spotlight: Madasen Kasprisin

Chemical engineering major Madasen Kasprisin will graduate next week from the University of South Carolina, a school she initially had no intentions of attending. Four years later, she is ready to begin her professional engineering career at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

CEC's Summer Start program builds community, paves way to success for first-generation students

About 150 first-generation, first-year students attend the College of Engineering and Computing each year, and a three-week residential experience during the summer is designed to support first-generation students' transitions to university life.

New minor focuses on sustainable engineering

A new minor introduced this semester within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will help prepare students for a career in sustainable environmental fields.

Applied mechanics

December graduate Sarah Anne Livingston didn’t just ace her engineering classes. She also engineered her future by racking up a whopping six internships with three different companies.

Applying next-generation batteries as green alternatives

Assistant Professor Golareh Jalilvand's current research has been making progress in expanding lithium-sulfur batteries efficiency and potential.


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