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Are nanomaterials causing larger environmental problems?

Engineered materials inhibit odors in socks, lend antimicrobial properties to medical bandages and extend the shelf life of some food and cosmetic products, including sunscreen. But what happens when it's time to dispose of them?

Why do smoke alarms keep going off even when there’s no smoke?

In this interview with The Conversation, MVS Chandrashekhar explains how smoke detectors work and why they sometimes sound an alarm for what seems like no reason.

Alumni Spotlight: How Casey Lucas helps keep South Carolina moving forward

Casey Lucas has spent her post-graduate career doing everything from designing roadways to managing multi-million-dollar projects. But, it's the impact she's had on the lives of young engineers that's helped her leave a lasting legacy in the Palmetto State.

Digital twins to improve bridge assessment in rural South Carolina

Selecting which bridges in South Carolina get rated with restrictions is a tried-and-true process, but it does not take advantage of new and developing technologies. Paul Ziehl believes it is time for this process to change.

Yavuz Yapici joins CEC to create cleaner, faster communication systems

Society has changed its expectations of what things like cell phones can do. So, researchers and engineers like Yavuz Yapici and his team are working on finding new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of the public.

Conducting change: How UofSC is evolving America's railroad system

UofSC's rail group is set to bridge the gap between the rail's past and its upcoming future. As its work progresses, the nation's largest federal funders are taking notice.

UofSC's David Matolak elected as Fellow of IEEE

His advances in channel models have contributed to the success of communication systems for terrestrial vehicle-to-vehicle communication, public safety communication, and improved aviation air-ground radio design, development and deployment.

Mungo teaching award winner: Michael Matthews

eaching graduate students involves more than passing along technical knowledge. Professors are mentoring, modeling behavior and helping create tomorrow’s thought leaders in their fields. For chemical engineering professor Michael Matthews, it is about creating what he calls “the well-dressed Ph.D.”

Donor Spotlight: Anand Durairajan and Madhulika Narayan

For CEC graduates Anand Durairajan and Madhulika Narayan, their education at UofSC propelled them to careers with companies like Intel, Facebook and Microsoft. Now, the couple is leaving a legacy at their alma mater in honor of those who gave them the chance to chase their dreams.

2020: A Year Like No Other

This year did not go as planned, but we stayed the course. We kept to our mission and found refuge in celebrating the outstanding accomplishments of our students, faculty and alumni. Look back at 2020 with us.

First-generation engineering student fulfills family dream

Antonia Roman fulfilled a family dream by becoming the third person in her extended family with a college degree, earning a bachelor’s in civil engineering from the College of Engineering and Computing.

UofSC's support makes Perez's unique path a reality

These days, Perez is an associate professor in the civil engineering department at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. However, he still carries his unconventional spirit and love for South Carolina with him.

UofSC, Siemens expand partnership to include product demonstrations, new research projects, workforce development

Siemens Digital Industries Software and the University of South Carolina are expanding their partnership by adding new software, collaborating on research for innovative manufacturing solutions, and by adding Siemens’ product demonstrations in the 15,000 square foot Digital Transformation Lab at the McNAIR Aerospace Center.

Ulrich becomes first Black woman to earn nuclear engineering doctorate at UofSC

Through the support of her family, the care of her mentors and her own belief in herself, Tashiema Ulrich defied every challenge that came her way. In the process, she became the first African American woman to receive her nuclear engineering doctorate from South Carolina.

Alumni Spotlight: How a successful software company got its start in the Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct -- it's a place that many college students feel uneasy about. But, for CEC graduate Aaron Hark, that office became the inspiration for him to launch Maxient, dedicated to simplifying critical operating tasks.

UofSC researchers to acquire instrument for measurement of ground truth

Researchers from UofSC have embarked on a cutting-edge study that focuses on identifying the most accurate form of measurement, called "ground truth." The knowledge gained will advance research across all areas of the university involved in the field of smart and connected things.

A note from the Dean: Artificial Intelligence

By investing in artificial intelligence, our college and university is investing in the future. And just two years after penning the proposal for our trans-disciplinary institute, I am already seeing my goals, visions and hopes come true.

CEC alumni find success through UofSC’s McNair Institute

Yaw Addei-Boadu sees chances to innovate, well, everywhere — from event rentals to biogas stoves to fashionable emergency alert devices. Now he's one of a growing number of University of South Carolina students and alumni entrepreneurs who are shaking up the startup scene.

Artificial intelligence goes further than ever before

Through a grant from NASA, Pooyan Jamshidi will use machine learning to prepare spacecraft to repair and adapt themselves in the event of "unknown unknowns" so that they can better cope with uncertainties in the outer space environment.

CEC study to impact response time of high-rate energy systems

Jason Bakos has received an NSF grant to design processors capable of real-time machine learning of the behavior and response of high-rate dynamic systems. This study will improve the reaction time of high-energy systems such as ballistics, airbag deployment and high-speed vehicle control.

Tailoring your health care to your needs using artificial intelligence

The UofSC College of Engineering and Computing has a simple goal: to use emerging technologies to improve America's health care system so people receive care tailored to their bodies' needs and their individual genetic make-ups.

Newly hired senior fellow receives national recognition

T. Bond Calloway Jr. is the recipient of the 2020 F.J. & Dorothy Van Antwerpen Award. The award is presented by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and recognizes a chemical engineer for outstanding contributions and service to the Institute.

Sheth receives lifetime award in services computing

The award adds to Sheth's long list of professional accolades. And while his research currently focuses much more on artificial intelligence than services computing, the effects of his past work still endure.

How augmented personalized health can fix many of America's health care problems

At this year's TEDxUofSC, Amit Sheth discussed faults in American health care and how emerging research in augmented personalized health can prevent many of system's problems.

Virus trackers: Scientists model how COVID-19 might travel, settle indoors

In this age of COVID-19 concerns, what’s the safest indoor environment? One without humans, of course. In a practical world the answer lies partly in understanding how the virus moves and where it lands in indoor spaces because air ow and surfaces are important routes for transmission of COVID-19.

UofSC, Princeton and Stanford collaborate to reduce harmful emission of natural gas

South Carolina, Stanford and Princeton are collaborating to create a cost-effective distributed chemical process that will allow for natural gas to be converted into useful chemicals and liquid fuels, instead of burned as harmful waste.


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