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Virus trackers: Scientists model how COVID-19 might travel, settle indoors

In this age of COVID-19 concerns, what’s the safest indoor environment? One without humans, of course. In a practical world the answer lies partly in understanding how the virus moves and where it lands in indoor spaces because air ow and surfaces are important routes for transmission of COVID-19.

UofSC, Princeton and Stanford collaborate to reduce harmful emission of natural gas

South Carolina, Stanford and Princeton are collaborating to create a cost-effective distributed chemical process that will allow for natural gas to be converted into useful chemicals and liquid fuels, instead of burned as harmful waste.

Andrea Ogunleye shares her GLD experience

Andrea Ogunleye graduated in 2019 with leadership distinction in professional and civic engagement and global learning. The college was able to sit down with Andrea to hear her thoughts on the GLD experience and the benefits it provided her.

Over 100 artificial intelligence experts discuss ethics and interdisciplinary use of collaborative assistants at UofSC

The UofSC AI Institute hosted the Collaborative Assistants for the Society's (CASY) 2020 conference. The conference brought together 140 leading minds in the world of artificial intelligence.

Huynh receives High Value Research award for research on road signs

Nathan Huynh was selected for a Supplemental High Value Research award for his "Sign Life Expectancy" research. His work will save SCDOT thousands of dollars annually in sign replacement costs while ensuring that road signs are still safely visible at night for South Carolina's drivers.

CEC celebrates 2020 alumni award winners

The University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing is proud to announce that Ralph White, '71, and Jamie Barton, '12, have accepted the 2020 Distinguished Alumnus and Outstanding Young Alumnus awards respectively.

Interdisciplinary study in material science receives support from U.S. Army

An interdisciplinary team from the University of South Carolina is conducting research in material science that has received support from the U.S. Army. The study analyzes the stacking of atoms and how their order impacts the behavior of the materials they make up.

UofSC power electronics team reimagines America's energy grid

The team's research aims to incorporate DC power into America's dated and aging AC energy system. Through the team's work, the way in which electric power is distributed to homes and business could become safer, smarter and more efficient.

A 20-year seat at energy distribution's most important table

The college's power electronics team currently has over $8 million in active funding from the Office of Naval Research. But, it is a grant received nearly 25 years ago that made today's funding possible and cemented South Carolina's place as a leader in energy distribution research.

A note from the Dean: Energy Distribution

The long-standing and world-leading expertise of faculty like Roger Dougal, Ralph White and Mike Huhns have made us the current leader that we are in energy distribution research. But our college's excellence doesn't end with the long-established leaders that put us on the map.

The Makings of a Mentor

Not only is Kristen Booth involved in multi-million-dollar power electronics research and joining the college's prolific power electronics team, but she is also encouraging rural students to consider pursuing graduate school and even doctoral degrees.

Creating change for Native Americans in STEM

Blake MacQueen is a chemical engineering doctoral student with Native American roots. Through his presentation at the AISES conference sharing his pioneering research on catalytic structures, he hopes he can increase minority representation in STEM fields.

Alex Molinaroli: From CEC to CEO

The small control boxes lining Swearingen's halls may be unassuming. But for Alex Molinaroli, they were the start of a career that took him from the CEC all the way to the top of one of the most prominent energy solutions companies in the world.

Mustain shows there's hope for anion exchange membrane fuel cells after all

William Mustain took an engineering approach to the problems facing AEM fuel cells. His findings may have single handedly saved the field.

College of Engineering and Computing welcomes six new faculty members

The College of Engineering and Computing is proud to welcome six new tenured/tenure-track faculty members to the college. This increases the college’s faculty count to 131 members and continues its expansive faculty growth.

Saha receives UofSC 2020 Outstanding Thesis Award

Sudipta Saha, a mechanical engineering doctoral student in the College of Engineering and Computing, received the University of South Carolina's 2020 Outstanding Thesis Award for his master's thesis on thermal fluid science.

Besmann's group's work with thermodynamics to aid development of molten salt nuclear reactors

Mechanical Engineering Professor Ted Besmann is leading a project that will provide critical support for the development, operation and regulation of the first commercial molten salt nuclear reactors.

UofSC-Navatek partnership to provide students invaluable learning and hiring opportunities

It is the students at UofSC and other local universities who will benefit most from the University of South Carolina's growing partnership with Navatek LLC.

Donor Spotlight: How Venkat Subramanian chose to honor his father's legacy

For Venkat Subramanian, the value of education goes far beyond just dollars and cents. It is a promise to his mentor, Dr. Ralph White, and his father, T. R. Subramanian, that he will always do his best and push others to succeed even when the odds are stacked against them.

UofSC receives $11.2 million grant to design crystals to keep nuclear waste safe

Scientists in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering and Computing are designing waste forms to safely contain radioactive waste for thousands of years.

Deep learning algorithm to remove materials discovery bottleneck in emerging tech industries

Researchers have developed a deep learning-based smart algorithm that uses a generative adversarial network model to dramatically improve the material search efficiency up to two orders of magnitude. It has the potential to greatly speed up the discovery of novel functional materials.

UofSC, Navatek win contract to research Navy power and energy systems

The U.S. Office of Naval Research has awarded the partnership of UofSC and Navatek LLC a $9.2 million contract for the research of power and energy systems and the development of digital twin prototypes.

Yuan and Downey to advance field of additive manufacturing through support from S.C. Research Authority

Lang Yuan and Austin Downey are developing "smart" additive manufacturing techniques that will achieve greater quality and performance of metal materials through a real-time control system.

A note from the Dean: Aerospace Materials

Our college is pushing the boundaries of aerospace engineering and manufacturing, and bringing the industry with us. The results speak for themselves.

Two home-grown researchers emerge as leaders in SC's aerospace industry

The college's unique model of learning through an academic work floor prepared Darun Barazanchy and Wout De Backer to lead the state's growing work in advanced manufacturing research and development. Now, they are co-PIs on one of the aerospace industry's most prestigious grants.

Sockalingam receives support from Army for research on military armor systems

Subramani Sockalingam is undergoing two research efforts that will enhance the development of the next generation of military armor materials. Together, the results could lead to improved performance and survivability of soldier protection body armor.


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