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College of Engineering and Computing


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Navigating the World of Consulting

The Gamecock Consulting Club is a blend of students from various academic backgrounds, including engineering. The club provides a unique path by providing students with a platform to explore consulting and achieving success in competitions.

Utilizing robotics and AI for planting and harvesting

Can digital farming go beyond data purposes and incorporate artificial intelligence? Mechanical Engineering Professor Sourav Banerjee is continuing his research into using AI-driven robots for planting, placing and removing stakes on farms.

Sur works on advanced wireless networking and sensing technologies research

Sanjib Sur's research group utilizes next-generation wireless network architectures to improve reliability and resiliency, while their sensing techniques enable objects to be truly smart by understanding and interpreting environments and conditions.

Shaping minds and breaking stereotypes

Sharon Gumina's lifelong dedication to education, coupled with her openness to leveraging technological advancements, has positioned her as a forward-thinking educator contributing to the inclusive and evolving landscape of coding education.

Liu publishes two papers in high impact journal

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor Chang Liu and his research group recently published two cover articles in the high impact journal, ACS Nano.

Chemical engineering team places first in national competition

A team of CEC chemical engineering students finished first in a recent competition involving the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in product design.

Charged and ready to go

Phalanx of USC researchers energizes new SC Nexus initiative

Alumna recognized for contributions to Charlotte business community

Hannah Breed was recently named one of Charlotte's 50 Most Influential Women due to her significant impact on the Charlotte engineering and greater business community.

Paving the road to success

Alumna Lindsey Keziah may have been uncertain about her decision to major in civil and environmental engineering. But 15 years later and working in a senior position at the same company that hired her after graduating, it is obvious that she made the right choice.

Gross earns DARPA Young Faculty Award

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Andrew Gross recently received an award to pursue research for developing the next generation of material testing methods.

CEC faculty recognized for outstanding contributions to the South Carolina engineering community

Two Civil and Environmental Engineering professors were recently honored by the South Carolina Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

IDEAS Lab leads collaboration efforts for innovative solutions

In the heart of South Carolina, a dedicated group of experts is taking the approaches of engineering solutions to a new level, shaping the future of infrastructure resilience and sustainability.

Force of nature

Chemical engineering team pioneers 3-D printing techniques to mimic natural materials

Civil engineering graduate student earns prestigious scholarship

Neve Steger was recently awarded the Robert P. Stearns/SCS Engineers Scholarship from the Environmental Research & Education Foundation to help support her research related to sustainable solid waste management.

Educating with empathy

Portia Plante knew she wanted to teach computer science from an early age, but her path to academia was not straightforward.

Engineering students build familia, future success

Engineering students build familia and future success with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

Civil and environmental engineering student enjoying benefits of SMART scholarship

A scholarship and service program has provided senior Trinity Collette with tuition benefits and real-world experience as well as a full-time job after graduating.

Doctoral student to present research at ECS meeting

Jarrett Peskar will present his work on electrothermal battery modeling at this month's Electrochemical Society Meeting in Sweden.

Alumna reshapes energy landscape through integration and storage

As the energy landscape evolves, Elizabeth Endler remains a trailblazer by shaping a greener, interconnected tomorrow.

Developing better materials for commercializing high-efficiency, high-power devices

Assistant Professor Iftikhar Ahmad is currently developing a prototype of devices with a larger bandgap to complement or surpass existing technology in energy efficiency.

Ph.D. candidate and inspirational educator

Ph.D. candidate Sowmya Raghu has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades for the 2023-24 academic year. Her impressive collection of awards is the result of her dedication to the CEC community, including efforts to enhance collaboration among students and faculty.

Improving metal 3D Printing through identifying and preventing defects

Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) consolidates assemblies into a single part and turns complex designs into customized structural and functional properties. But different processes and environmental conditions can lead to inconsistencies and defects in part quality.

New master's program focuses on IT-related topics

The new master's program in information technology program provides the expertise and skills necessary to develop and integrate secure solutions to address the increasingly complex computing and digital requirements.

Carolina Band to spotlight CEC with halftime performance

The Carolina Band will highlight and honor the CEC in their debut halftime show of 2023 football season at the Gamecocks home opener this Saturday.

Managing sediment and water

Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Enrica Viparelli and her colleagues study how natural systems behave and evolve, and how humans impact these systems. Their research includes methods for improving water resource engineering practices.

Utilizing extreme materials for extraordinary healthcare applications

Extreme materials have usually led to improvements in the quality of life. Electrical Engineering Associate Professor MVS Chandrashekhar has done previous research in this area, but he is currently working on a project with another extreme material with healthcare applications.


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