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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

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    A note from the Dean: Intelligent Infrastructure

    As the world around us grows smarter, our country must grow smarter with it. And here at the CEC, I am proud to say that we are leading this charge to improve the lives of all Americans by improving the infrastructure around them.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Our college is pushing the boundaries of the intelligent infrastructure through novel innovation that leads to implementation. We're also working to extend the useful life of the existing infrastructure across the U.S.

Intelligent Infrastructure News

Intelligent Infrastructure Experts and Research

Nicole D. Berge

Undergraduate Program Director and Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Society of Women Engineers Faculty Advisor


Phone: 803-777-7521

Intelligent Infrastructure,Civil and Environmental Engineering Advanced Railroad Technology Group Railway engineering; Infrastructure design; Multi-modal transportation Rizos, Dimitris civil, environmental
Intelligent Infrastructure,Civil and Environmental Engineering Berge Research Laboratory Municipal solid waste; Waste conversion to value-added products; Hydrothermal carbonization; Life-cycle assessment; Waste treatment; Waste management; Landfills Berge, Nicole waste streams, resource recovery, bioreactor, carbon sequestration, civil, environmental, civil and environmental engineering
Intelligent Infrastructure,Mechanical Engineering,Nuclear Energy Center for Mechanics, Materials and Non-Destructive Evaluation Digital image correlation (DIC); Computational mechanics; Sutton, Michael
Energy Storage and Distribution,Electrical Engineering,Intelligent Infrastructure Energy Routing Lab Power electronic converters; Microgrids; Network distributed control; Electrical energy routing; Converter coordination; Power electronics control Ginn, Herbert electrical engineering
Advanced Manufacturing,Intelligent Infrastructure,Mechanical Engineering Paul Ziehl Research Group Aerospace composites; High pressure vessels; Autonomous evaluation; Machine learning; Edge analytics; Sustainable materials; Infrastructure Ziehl, Paul civil, environmental
Energy Storage and Distribution,Electrical Engineering,Intelligent Infrastructure Power Flow Design Tools Design tools; Power and energy; Thermal fluids; Power electronics; Ship systems; S3D, VTB, AC and DC microgrids, digital twins for management of power and energy Dougal, Roger Simulation, electronics, design, thermal, mechanical, flow, concept, electrical engineering
Advanced Manufacturing,Aerospace Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Intelligent Infrastructure,Nuclear Engineering SmartState™ Center for Multifunctional Materials and Structures Aerospace composites; Multi-functional materials; Remote sensing; Digital twin; Artificial intelligence; Edge analytics; Data-informed decision making Ziehl, Paul aerospace, civil, environmental, mechanical, nuclear, AI
Intelligent Infrastructure,Transforming Health Care,Civil and Environmental Engineering Structural Dynamics and Intelligent Infrastructure Laboratory Structural dynamics; Model updating; Structural health monitoring; Earthquake engineering; Structural control Caicedo, Juan civil, environmental, SDII
Civil and Environmental Engineering,Intelligent Infrastructure Transportation Geotechnics Research Group Railroad infrastructure; Smart track; Pavement; Aggregate behavior; Computer vision; Object detection; Image processing Qian, Yu discrete element simulation, computational fluid dynamics, finite element simulation, railway, civil and environmental engineering


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