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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

Faculty and Staff

Sirivatch Shimpalee

Title: Research Professor, Chemical Engineering
Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing
Phone: 803-576-6140
Fax: 803-777-8265

Horizon 1
Room 439
541 Main Street
Columbia, SC  29208

Resources: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center
Dr. Shimpalee's CV
Headshot of Professor Shimpalee


Ph. D., University of South Carolina, Columbia, 2001
M. S., Bradley University, 1998
B. S., Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 1992


Dr. Shimpalee's current research is in the area of renewable energy including fuel cells, energy storage, high temperature thermal system, and bioenergy. His expertise is to use multi-scale and multi-dimensional modeling combine with electrochemistry to understand the physics inside their complex systems particularly in the transport phenomena.

Recent Publications

  1. M. Sepe, G-H. Jung, G-S.Doo, C-S. Lee, H-S. Cho, N. Tippayawong, and S. Shimpalee, “Multiscale Modeling of Oxygen Evolution Through Generated Bilayer Porous Transport Layers for PEMWE Performance Improvement,” J. of Electrochemical Society. 171, 054501, 2024.
  2. M. Sepe, J. Lopata, S. Madkour, B. Mayerhoefer, A. Ciesielski, G. Silianovska-Petreska, N. Nestle, S. Shimpalee, “Multiscale Three-Dimensional Modeling of Two-Phase Transport Inside Porous Transport Layers,” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 59, 1143–1155, 2024.
  3. K. Likit-Anurak, I Karki, B. Howard, L. Murdock, N. Mukhin, J.  Brannon, A. Hepstall, B.  Young, S. Shimpalee, B. Benicewicz, B. H. Meekins, “Polybenzimidazole Membranes as Nafion™ Replacement in Aqueous HCl Electrolyzers,” ACS Applied Energy Materials, 6, 10, 5429–5434, 2023.
  4. J. Lopata, T.R. Garrick, F-k. Wang, H. Zhang, Y-b. Zeng, S. Shimpalee, “Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Numerical Transport Study of Lithium-Ion Battery Active Material Microstructures for Automotive Applications,” J. of Electrochemical Society, 170 (2), 020530, 2023.
  5. H.R. Teel, K. Likit-anurak, S. Shimpalee, and C.E. Turick, “Imaginary Admittance and Charge Transfer Resistance Correlate to the Physiological Status of Shewanella oneidensis Cultures in Real Time,” Bioelectrochemistry, 147, 108210,2022.

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