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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

Faculty and Staff

Zhenmeng Peng

Title: Professor, Chemical Engineering
Department: Chemical Engineering
Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing
Phone: 803-777-7959
Office: Room 140, Horizon I
541 Main Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Resources: Website
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Zhenmeng Peng


  • Professor, University of South Carolina, 01/2023-present
  • Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, University of Akron, 08/2012-12/2022
  • Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley, 04/2010-07/2012


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester, 2010
  • M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, 2005
  • B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, 2002

Research Overview

Our research is driven by the attempts to understand reactions at the molecular level, and to discover advanced catalyst materials based on multidisciplinary knowledge in Heterogeneous Catalysis, Materials Science, Electrochemistry, and Physical Chemistry. The research efforts cover rational search of new catalytic structures of interest, development of synthesis strategies to realize the desired structures, evaluation of the catalytic properties, and in-depth study of the reaction mechanisms. Our current research interests include electrochemical hydrogen generation/storage/utilization, new approaches for electrical energy storage, C1 chemicals conversion, electrochemical engineering for desalination and separation applications.  

Selected Publications

  1. J. L. Li, L. B. Yao, D. Z. Wu, J. King, S. S. C. Chuang, B. Liu, Z. M. Peng, Electrocatalytic Methane Oxidation to Ethanol on Iron-Nickel Hydroxide Nanosheets, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2022, 316, 121657.
  2. L. B. Yao, J. King, D. Z. Wu, J. Y. Ma, J. L. Li, R. X. Xie, S. S. C. Chuang, T. Miyoshi, Z. M.  Peng, Non-thermal Plasma-assisted Rapid Hydrogenolysis of Polystyrene to High Yield Ethylene, Nature Communications, 2022, 13, 885.
  3. D. Z. Wu, J. L. Li, L. B. Yao, R. X. Xie, Z. M. Peng, An Electrochemical Ethylamine/Acetonitrile Redox Method for Ambient Hydrogen Storage, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13, 55292-55298.
  4. Y. B. Pan, L. B. Yao, A. Bentalib, J. L. Li, Z. M. Peng, Sulfonated Nickel Phthalocyanine Redox Flow Cell for High-Performance Electrochemical Water Desalination, Desalination, 2020, 496, 114762.

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