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John Monnier: Working in Industry, Bimetallic Catalysts, and Researching Until He Dies

By Abe Danaher | October 16, 2019

UofSC Chemical Engineering Professor John Monnier joins host Abe Danaher to tell about his journey from industry to the university and his now successful quest to create bimetallic catalysts. First, John explains the practical applications that both catalysis and engineering have (4:06) and how the industry evolved during his 32 years in it (8:33). Then, he explains his realization that everything that could be done with single metal catalysts had been done (11:46) and his ensuing decision to pursue bimetallic catalysts (14:21). Very importantly, John describes what catalysts are and why they are important to our everyday lives (15:24) and how he actually was successful in making a bimetallic catalyst (17:51). Lastly, he discusses how he now gauges his own success off the success of his students (35:38) and what the future holds for his already illustrious career (36:52).

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