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SIPA Endowment

Support SIPA's Endowment May 6 for Midlands Give. See how Wellington HS in Florida learns how sharing is caring!

The SIPA Endowment was established September 14, 1994. Its purpose is

  • to provide financial security for future annual convention costs.
  • to offer scholarships to students and advisers to attend SIPA conventiosn and Carolina Journalism Institutes.
  • to support advisers in the Southern region with mentors through a national journalism program.
  • to expose students and adviser to state-of-the-art instructors.

Ways to Donate:

  • Lifetime Membership - The $500 fee supports the SIPA Endowment. Lifetime Membership stays with the adviser. All publications under a lifetime member have free membership.
  • Adviser Recognitions - Current or former students may choose to donate money to honor their adviser (present or past).
  • In Honor - Donations made in honor of living individuals or staffs who have made a difference
  • In Memory - Donations made in memory of a loved one
  • SIPA Auction - Each year advisers attending the convention enjoy an auction to raise money for the endowment. Even if you can't attend the auction you can donate gifts and items to be sold.

All lifetime members, adviser recognitions and in honor and in memory of honorees are printed in the SIPA program, put on a plaque that hangs in the SIPA office and can be found online.

SIPA Endowment Committee:

  • Co-chairs: Beth Dickey (Columbia, S.C.) and Martha Rothwell (Statesville, S.C.)
  • Committee Members:
    Sylvia Daughtry-Brown (Atlanta, Ga.)
    Chris Floore, Bibb County School District (Macon, Ga.)
    Melanie Huynh-Duc, Northwest Guilford HS (
    Greensboro, S.C.)
    Mary Inglis, Wellington HS (Wellington, Fla.)
    Kay Phillips (Henderson, N.C.)
    Jenny Proctor, Richland Northeast HS (Columbia, S.C.)
    Jane Speidel (Titusville, Fla.)

SIPA Lifetime Members:
  • Yvonne Allen
  • Robert Atwood
  • Vanessa Bump
  • Brian Cole
  • Sylvia Daughtry
  • Lisa Dean
  • Karen Flowers
  • Tara Hays
  • Ken Henderson
  • Steve Lindgren
  • Dr. Grady Locklear
  • Deanna Martin
  • Deborah Mayer
  • Chris McDonald
  • Rik McNeill
  • Melonie Menefee
  • Lance Morrison
  • Betty Morton
  • Louisa Ogle
  • Lori Oglesbee
  • Betsy Owen
  • David Ragsdale
  • Shawn Risener
  • Martha Rothwell
  • Al Scroggins
  • Greg Spoon
  • Stephanie Stone
  • Beth Ward
  • David Webb
  • Rae Weinstein

Adviser Recognitions:

  • Alberta Abercrombie
  • Helen Browne
  • Hope Carroll
  • Lynne Collins
  • Sylvia Daughtry
  • Karen Flowers
  • Mary Inglis
  • Alice James
  • Marianne King
  • Dr. J. Grady Locklear
  • Shirley Moravec
  • Lori Oglesbee
  • Betsy Owen
  • Kay Phillips
  • Herb Sirota
  • Bruce Watterson

In Honor Of:

  • Andy Bosman
  • Lewis G. Brierley
  • Catherine Bouknight Brown
  • Sylvia Daughtry & Joe Brown
  • Gary Dickey
  • Karen Flowers
  • Irmo HS Stinger Staff (1999-2000)
  • Debbie Jacobs
  • Sergei and Valentina Korol
  • Susan Morton Leonard
  • Chris McDonald
  • Martha Rothwell

In Memory Of:

  • Margery O. Anderson - mother of Derek & Andrew Anderson
  • Billy Joe Breedlove - father of Chris McDonald
  • Dr. Regis Louise Boyle - Walt Whitman HS adviser (Md.) & SIPA Board Member
  • Joe Brown - father of Beth Dickey
  • Betty B. Cain - grandmother of Alison Shuman
  • Grace Ellis Douglass - mother of Kay Phillips
  • Leland Douglass - father of Kay Phillips
  • Richard Fitz - former adviser of The Haliscope
  • Debbie Garris - administrative assistant to the director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications and friend to Scholastic Journalism
  • Ruth Kissiah Hall - mother of Martha Rothwell
  • Beth Hammond - former adviser of The Laureate
  • Elizabeth B. Hudson - mother of Karen Flowers
  • James Nathan Hudson - father of Karen Flowers
  • Clara Mae Jacobs - mother of Sylvia Daughtry-Brown
  • Lawrence E. Jacobs - brother of Sylvia Daughtry-Brown
  • Evelyn Glass Langston - mother of Beth Fitts
  • Dorothy E. Leonard - mother of Sharon Diebel
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Perry Locklear - parents of Dr. J. Grady Locklear
  • Logan McCombs - son of Stella McCombs
  • Johnny Morton - husband of Betty Morton
  • Kathleen Murphy - Freedom HS Revolution staff member
  • Bonnie Neely - friend of Sylvia Daughtry-Brown
  • Joseph W. Penton, Jr. - father of Valerie Kibler
  • O.W. Tom Riegel - former SIPA director
  • Edith Robertson - grandmother of Leslie Dennis
  • Dr. Al Scroggins - former dean and SIPA director
  • Ruth Dennis Sherman - grandmother of Leslie Dennis
  • Flip Shulke - photographer and friend of SIPA
  • Pert Wall - friend of Sylvia Daughtry-Brown
  • Doris Whalen - mother of Rich Whalen
  • David S. Yoakley - father of Mary Inglis
  • Madge Yoakley - mother of Mary Inglis

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SIPA Endowment Committee announced at the March Convention 2014 the first Endowment Technology Grant. The $500 grant is offered to a SIPA member school to purchase technology (software or hardware) supporting a publications program. Applications are due May 1. The winner will be notified September 1.  Apply by clicking here and filling out the form.

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