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Student Officer: Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron, Dutch Fork High School senior, is co-producer of The Silver Screen Report broadcast and co-editor of The Renaissance newsmagazine. After graduation, he hopes to attend the University of South Carolina to study journalism or business.

Describe the position you hold within your publication. What are your responsibilities? What’s your favorite part of the position? What do you find the most challenging?

In my publication staff I hold two leadership positions, being both editor and producer.  My co-producer and co-editor, Trey Martin, and I work together to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  My favorite part of the position is helping and instructing my peers to help them create successful stories.  The most challenging part is how much of a workload both Trey and I carry. On top of the normal two hours of homework and any sports or club we participate in, we go to another class where we have to produce a 20-minute show and work outside of class editing stories, getting interviews or [doing] whatever [else needs to be done].  On Fridays, looking at the show and seeing the issue when it's printed makes the whole thing worth it. 

Tell us about a project you’ve worked on recently that you’re especially proud of. How did it come together? What did you learn from the experience?

Last year I went to a neighborhood that was affected by the flood and photographed the damage for our newspaper. The photos were used for the cover and inside the issue.  The whole experience taught me to respect what you have and appreciate all that you have. 

How has SIPA helped you improve and evolve as a journalist or editor?

The classes I’ve taken at SIPA have prepared me for being an editor and a producer. I learned a lot from all of the classes about videography and content and the best way to entertain an audience.

What are your goals as a SIPA student officer?

My main goal is just to help other students get better and learn more. 

What SIPA events have you attended? What are some of your favorite memories from those events?

I’ve attended two SIPA conventions so far and I’ve loved every bit of it.  One of my favorite memories is a class taught by David Knight and all of his hilarious references.

What advice would you give to other student journalists?

Keep writing, keep taking photos and keep reporting.  Just keep going and good things will come your way. 

Tell us something personal. What’s your favorite color, song or store? What’s your go-to fun fact?

I use the term “bro” way too often.  But that’s okay.

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