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Q&A: Get to know your 2018-2019 SIPA student officers

Find out more about Yasmin Lee, SIPA president from Richland Northeast HS (Columbia, S.C.); Kelly Fulford, SIPA vice president from Clarke Central HS (Athens, Ga.); Greyson Webb, SIPA member-at-large from Wando HS (Mt. Pleasant, S.C.) and Megan Jones, SIPA member-at-large from Countryside HS (Clearwater, Fla.).

Student officers are responsible for planning the convention theme, logo, student entertainment and shirt design at the fall Executive Board meeting in September.

What is your dream occupation?

Yasmin: Writer and filmmaker.
Kelly: Filmmaker.
Greyson: Journalist for Vice.

What is your favorite song or artist of 2018?

Yasmin: "Cuz you're my girl" by yung heazy.
Kelly: Nicki Minaj.
Greyson: Frank Ocean.

Name your favorite movie.

Yasmin: "The Goonies."
Kelly: "Dead Poet's Society."
Greyson: "Nowhere Boy."

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Yasmin: Pessimistic attitudes.
Kelly: Dishonesty.
Greyson: Xenophobia.

Name your favorite super hero.

Yasmin: Wolverine.
Kelly: Wonder Woman.
Greyson: Iron Man, Batman, Poison Ivy (she's a villian but that's okay) and Cat Woman.

Who is your biggest role model and why?

Yasmin: I look up to Dr. Maya Angelou because she is a strong woman who was very articulate and plucky. I want to be as ingenious and relentless as she was.
Kelly: My biggest role model is my mom because she is strong, smart and loving.
Greyson: My biggest role model is Emma Gonzalez because she picked herself up from a time of trauma to make an impact on the world. Her speeches have brought me to tears and her courage inspires me to make a change every day.

Who is your favorite YouTuber?

Yasmin: Colors show.
Kelly: Lucie Fink.
Greyson: Cody Ko or Sarah Baska.

Favorite show to binge watch.

Yasmin: "Scandal."
Kelly: "Girls."
Greyson: "Parks and Recreation."

What is your favorite mythical creature?

Yasmin: Dragons. Hands down.
Kelly: Mermaid.
Greyson: Unicorn.

Want to be a SIPA student officer for the 2019-2020 school year? Apply now!

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