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College of Arts and Sciences

Weekend Read: Make the most of your summer experience

Whether you plan to spend the next couple months on the job, in the classroom or around the world, summer is a great opportunity to prepare for life after graduation.

  1. Take it seriously. Your summer job is no big deal, right? Wrong. Now is the time to lay the foundation for your future, starting with good work habits. Creating a reputation for being unprofessional can ruin future job prospects.
  1. Network.  Networking opportunities don’t just show up at job fairs. Learn from the people around you and develop strong relationships with a few professionals in your field. The connections you make this summer can turn into job offers after graduation.
  1. Keep track. Maintain a record of assignments, projects and achievements. Keeping a journal of your summer experience will make updating your resume a breeze.
  1. Ask for feedback. If you’re working a summer job or internship, your supervisor can help point out areas of strength and weakness. This gives you the chance to improve and avoid common early-career mistakes.
  1. Visit the Student Excellence Collaborative this fall. The College of Arts and Sciences will be busy this summer creating the SEC at Flinn Hall, exclusively for Arts and Sciences students. At the SEC, you will be able to participate in mock job interviews, plan study abroad semesters, and connect with internship and research opportunities. And, the availability of career counselors dedicated solely to Arts and Sciences students is an essential part of the collaborative that will help you get started on the right foot. We know that as an Arts and Sciences student, you will gain the valuable skills employers want; the SEC at Flinn Hall will help you take those skills to the next level in the world’s classroom.

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