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College of Arts and Sciences

Student Spotlight: Sol Wilson, studio art (graphic design), class of 2024

composite image showing an illustration of the Cocky mascot in a snowy scene and a photo of Sol Wilson

Sol Wilson, a graphic design student at USC and an intern for the College of Arts and Sciences, is helping to shape the college’s image. She created the artwork design for the college’s 2023 holiday card, the cover image of the college’s December alumni and friends newsletter, as well as social media posts and promotional materials for academic programs. 

Sol, 23, is a studio art major with an emphasis on graphic design. As a senior, she has been an intern for the college’s communications team for about a year. 

Even at a young age, Sol showed an interest for graphic design. Her love of art started with book covers. 

“I have never picked up a book or an album when I did not love its unique design on the cover,” Sol says. “I remember looking at books and albums at my grandmother’s house and being intrigued by the merging of illustration and typography.” 

From being a student to interning for USC, Sol has gained varied perspectives on graphic design. She explained how classes encouraged her to explore and be creative with no limitations, but in her internship, she learned how to work within a brand and to follow its guidelines. “It can be challenging,” Sol admits, “but I do enjoy finding my niche within the guide to still be me and still be unique. 

As Sol nears graduation, she is contemplating which avenue to take to launch her career. “It’s been crossing my mind lately. I feel like I would like to do both freelance and branded designs. Maybe start off like a junior graphic designer for a company but also start making my own brand on the side.” 

The College of Arts and Sciences is greatly appreciative of all that Sol has done for us, and we wish her all the best after graduation. 

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