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Gamecock Teaching Days

Beginning in 2018, Gamecock Teaching Days is an annual event featuring CAS faculty who open their doors, in-person or virtually, to share innovative teaching strategies with their colleagues.  All USC faculty and staff are welcome to attend!

GTD 2023

This year's event showcased faculty who are implementing innovative teaching and learning strategies for online courses, including several McCausland Innovation Fund grant recipients.  Missed the live events?  Use the links next to each presenter below to access their recorded presentations, access the full playlist, or browse the archives of past events at the bottom of this page.

Wednesday, April 12

Andy Schumpert

Kristen Hogan

Andy Schumpert & Kristen Hogan, Instructional Faculty & Lab Coordinators, Biological Sciences

BIOL 202: Infectious Diseases, Human Health, and Ethics 
BIOL 206: Genetics and Society 

Studies have demonstrated the power of active learning, yet typically these successful strategies are implemented in face-to-face courses. What about asynchronous online courses? As part of a McCausland Innovation Fund Student Centered Project, Andy and Kristen have participated in a faculty learning community centered around active learning.  In this session, Andy will discuss the use of active, social learning in two asynchronous online courses. He’ll showcase their course set up, philosophy, common issues, use of technology, and discuss the future of active learning in online courses. 

Watch Andy's presentation

Rebecca Stern

Rebecca Stern, Associate Professor, English Language and Literature

ENGL 280: Literature and Society

Rebecca developed this online course as part of the McCausland Innovation Fund Online Program & Course Development and will be discussing using the Groups tool in Blackboard to create community in a large asynchronous class. She’ll also talk about managing groups, creating expectations, and crafting meaningful group assignments. She’ll wrap it up by discussing strategies for working in and around the difficulties of Blackboard.

Watch Rebecca's presentation

Thursday, April 13

Dawn Campbell

Dawn Campbell, Senior Instructor & Undergraduate Director, Women’s and Gender Studies

WGST 112:  Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Dawn has been teaching WGST 112 as a 3-week intensive course in the Winter Term, which begins immediately after Christmas each year.  In redeveloping her course for this brief time period, Dawn has developed several best practice approaches to this format and will discuss some of the challenges and things she’s learned to improve the course, communication, content, and much more!

Watch Dawn's presentation

Pat Gehrke

Pat Gehrke, Professor, Speech Communication, English Language and Literature

SPCH 150:  Public Speaking and Anxiety Reduction

This asynchronous online course provides tools and training for students who want to better manage their anxieties about public speaking. Using a combination of intentional course design and personalized communication techniques, SPCH 150 has demonstrated effectiveness not only in helping students manage anxiety, but also in making them feel seen and personally engaged by the instructor. This presentation will review the results from the Fall 2022 pilot, overview the course design, and discuss the communication techniques used. Ample time will be left for discussion or questions. The McCausland Innovation Fund Online Program & Course Development initiative provided support for the development of this course.

Thursday, April 20

Naomi Falk

Naomi Falk, Professor, School of Visual Art and Design

ARTS 225 & 325: Intro to 3D Studies I and II, ARTS 235: Fiber Arts

As part of CAS’s 2022-2023 Theme Semester on Play, Naomi has incorporated artificial intelligence software into her art studio classes.  Her students are learning to develop art using the latest technologies - students collaborate using AI image generators to brainstorm ideas for sculptures. Students work with the software packages of DALL-E, Magic Sketchpad, or Midjourney to develop their projects.  Naomi will discuss how she and her students have embraced the latest AI software to create art!

Watch Naomi's presentation

GTD Archive

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