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College of Engineering and Computing

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Our Current Projects

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Arbitrary Tunable RF Components

Tunable DC current tunable noise suppressor, phase shifter and impaedance tuner have been developed with nanoscale thin films enabled transmission line.

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Minaturized Tunable Antenna

Miniaturization of patch antenna in modern wireless communication systems is manly limited by the antenna sizes which also directly determine its operating frequency and performance.

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RF MEMS Switches

RF MEMS switches are one of the most fundamental structures of the MEMS technology.

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3D On-chip RF Passives

MMWave circuits and systems often require on-chip components, which often take up large amounts of silicon area to deliver adequate circuit performance.

Tunable RF MEMS Components

RF MEMS devices are microsystems manufactured in a suitable technology platform, typically characterized with movable micro-parts capable of reconfiguring the RF characteristics.