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Media Arts

Be a creator in tomorrow's media landscape through filmmaking, video game design, animation, manga, new media and more.

What to Expect

Everywhere you look in our world, you see screens. You're used to movie theaters, television and the web. But the screens around you are proliferating. Walk down the street in any city, and you'll see them. Go into any art gallery, and they are there. We bet there's even a screen in your pocket right now. Someone has to decide what those screens look like ... what they mean. Someone has to make them relevant. Someone needs to make them beautiful.

Whether you're interested in filmmaking, game design, animation, internet art, manga, mobile media or worlds beyond, a degree in media arts at South Carolina will prepare you to be a creator in tomorrow's media landscape. Our students are agile, independent artists who are driving the next wave in media culture. Our facilities and equipment are professional-level, and our curriculum is both practical and intellectually challenging. Our faculty members have screened their work on every continent (yes, even Antarctica), and our graduates are making names for themselves all over the world.  


Undergraduate Degree

B  B.A. in Media Arts

Within the College of Arts and Sciences, the art department boasts an 85,000-square-foot facility designed specifically for the study and creation of the visual arts. We are the largest and most comprehensive art department in the state.

For more information about coursework, please contact:

Undergraduate Coordinator:
Della Bryant,, 803-777-8179


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Graduate Degrees

The School of Visual Art and Design in the College of Arts and Sciences offers a master’s degree program in media arts.

M  M.A. in Media Arts  

Graduate Coordinator: Bailey Watts Peterson,, 803-777-4184

Application information for this degree is available through The Graduate School. 

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