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Academic Advising

Faculty Referral for Absent or Disengaged Students

Through the EAB/Navigate platform, faculty and instructors can submit alerts on behalf of students.

Submitting Referrals for Absent and Disengaged Students

Faculty are encouraged to submit alerts regarding students not attending class and/or not performing well in class. The process for submiting an alert is as follows: 

  1. Login to using your USC username and password.  (DUO Authentication required) 
  2. On your Professor Home screen, click on the “Issue an Alert” button on the right side menu. 
  3. Using your course roster, type the USCID, username, or full name of the student you wish to submit an alert for in the box titled “Student” 
  4. Please select the reason the student needs assistance (Class Absence, Poor Grades/Assignment Concerns, and/or Other) 
  5. Select the course. 
  6. Share relevant information in “Additional Comments” 
  7. Click “Submit.” 

Repeat for additional referrals.  


  • Alert - Class Absence:
    • Student has missed 2 or more consecutive classes and/or missed regularly (but not consecutively) 
    • Student has stopped attending your class
    • Student has not responded to your communication after missing one or more classes
  • Alert - Poor Grades/Assignment Concerns:
    • Student never, rarely, or inconsistently turns in assignments
    • Student has not turned in a major assignment
    • Student quiz/exam grades indicate they're not grasping the material
    • Student has missed an exam and has not contacted you within a reasonable amount of time
    • Student grade is in jeopardy if the current level of performance continues
  • Alert - Other:
    • Student is demonstrating a lack of engagement/participation
    • Student is experiencing technology issues
    • Student does not have required materials to be successful in the course
  • After submitting an at-risk Progress Report and/or Ad Hoc Alert, students may:
    • Receive an e-mail
    • Receive 2-3 phone calls and/or text messages
    • Receive a housing visit from a trained & vetted member of USC's Residence Life team (for 'Alert - Class Absence' reason only)
    • Be encouraged to participate in academic support services such as Peer Tutoring/Writing, Success Consultations, and Supplemental Instruction
    • Be encouraged to meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss the course and their major at large
    • Be encouraged to connect with other campus resources including but not limited to Counseling & Psychiatry and the Student Disability Resource Center
  • After submitting an at-risk Progress Report and/or Ad Hoc Alert, these alerts will trigger cases to develop a response and intervention plan. As a result, instructors may:
    • Receive an automated e-mail from the EAB/Navigate platform once the case is closed with one of the following outcomes:
      • Student Utilized Resource
      • Student Unresponsive to Multiple Approaches
      • Student Cancelled/No Showed Appointment
      • Student Declined Resource
      • Alert Issued in Error
      • Student Withdrew from the Course
    • Receive follow-up communication from the students assigned academic advisor that will include information on their outreach attempts, information gleaned from contact with the student, and plans they made with the student


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