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Light the Cupola!

USC Lancaster has embarked on an effort to recognize and honor academic and other accomplishments in the Lancer campus community with our Light the Cupola! project. At various times throughout the year the cupola of the James Bradley Arts and Sciences Building will glow with Lancer pride in honor or in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Conceived through conversations in meetings of the USC Lancaster Board of Visitors and the USCL Town-Gown Advisory Group, the objective of Light the Cupola! is to bring more awareness to the many wonderful accomplishments of USC Lancaster students, faculty, and staff. 

The very first honorees for Light the Cupola! were the graduates of the May 1, 2021 virtual Commencement ceremony, and the cupola was lit with alternating Blue and Yellow lights on the evenings of May 1 and 2.  The lighting system is a state-of-the-art LED system with a large variety of color capacity, so in addition to recognitions of achievement, you also may see pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October or Green for Earth Day in April. 

When you’re in the area after dark, look up and see if the Bradley cupola is aglow. You will know right away that we’re celebrating something special.