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Face coverings are required on-campus and social distancing is encouraged among members of the campus community. Frequently check this COVID-19 link. and the gray boxes below to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates.

Dual Enrollment

Ready to get started on your college education before you finish high school? USC Lancaster offers opportunities for eligible high school students to earn college credit while taking courses that also count toward high school graduation requirements. At USCL the term “Dual Enrollment” refers to courses offered through USC Lancaster in a cooperative arrangement with a school district.

For Returning and First Time Dual Enrollment Students taking Spring 2021 Classes at USCL:
  • Virtual advising for Returning students will be November 17 - December 4.
  • Virtual advising for First-Time students will be December 7 - December 18.
Returning and First Time Students Schedule Your Advising Appointment
Home School Students Schedule Your Advising Appointment

**Note: You must be admitted before scheduling your advising session  for Spring 2021. If you have not received your acceptance letter, please email us at or call 803 -313-7073**

The Dual Enrollment Lottery Tuition School and Student Forms are due in Admissions for all new students:
  • Spring 2021 students before February 12
  • Spring II 2021 students before March 19

Get a Head Start

Dual enrollment courses have been a feature in South Carolina high schools since 1972. The purpose of these courses is to provide an avenue through which highly talented high school youth can earn college credit while simultaneously meeting high school graduation requirements, taking courses in the high school setting taught by an approved USC professor. The university professor designs the course, including the syllabus and all major assessments, and provides instructional time using video lectures, online delivery, and classroom visits. The class meets on the regular high school schedule with the classroom teacher as the facilitator. 

If you're interested in the dual enrollment program provided through USC Lancaster, please contact your school counselor to discuss the possibility of USCL courses being provided at your high school. Dual enrollment is limited to high school juniors and seniors. Exceptions can be made for high school freshman and sophomores depending on age of student and other criteria. (Note: A student must have a minimum 3.00 UGP GPA)

“At the end of the course, credit earned by satisfactory completion of dual enrollment courses (usually an earned grade of “C” or higher) will transfer to public South Carolina institutions, provided that the course is listed on the USC Course Equivalency Database.” 

For Dual Enrollment Students


Dual Enrollment Residency: Must be completed to apply for Lottery Tuition Assistance. Any areas left blank will cause the application to be rejected. If you have questions, please contact our office.

LTAP Funding Request (2020-2021): Must be signed by school administrator to verify student GPA.

US Citizenship form : Must supply official birth certificate to complete this form.

Immunization Records : Must be provided by all students taking classes on the USC Lancaster Campus.

On Campus Dual Enrollment Agreement

High School Transcript: Every student must provide an official high school transcript.

If you decide to enroll in a course for dual credit, please be aware of the following facts:

  • You are establishing a permanent college transcript so your success is very important.
  • Dual enrollment courses do count toward the GPA and hours earned as part of a student’s first year in college which can affect eligibility for financial aid programs in the second year of college.
  • Students are responsible for maintaining the academic standards of the University of South Carolina as stated in the USCL Student Handbook.

You must follow certain procedures and be aware of your high school’s deadline for schedule adjustment when dropping a course. If you would like to drop a course, check with your teacher to find out the last date to drop without a WF (withdrew failing) appearing on your USCL transcript.

Simply changing your class schedule at the high school does not drop you from the official class roll.  If you are taking classes at your high school, you must notify your school counselor that you wish to drop the course and the counselor will notify the Dual Enrollment Coordinator in writing.  If you are taking classes on the university’s campus, you will need to go to the Office of Admissions to complete a withdrawal form.  Failure to follow these procedures may result in an “F” being placed on your permanent University record. 

At the end of the course, credit earned by satisfactory completion of dual enrollment courses (usually an earned grade of “C” or higher) will transfer to public South Carolina institutions, provided that the course is included on the List of Transferable Courses in the Statewide Transfer and Articulation Policy.

If the course is not included on the above list, you are responsible for contacting the higher education institution to see if the course credit will be accepted.

If you plan on attending a private institution in South Carolina or any public or private institutions outside of South Carolina, you are responsible for contacting the institution and obtaining written assurance that the dual enrollment course credit will apply toward your degree requirements.

At the end of the course, you can check your grade and request a transcript online. To request credit transfer to schools other than USC, a student must have an official transcript sent to that school’s records office. If you are applying to more than one school, you can request an official transcript be sent to each one.

High School Dual Enrollment courses follow the standard attendance policy as stated in the USCL Academic Bulletin. Absence from more than 10 percent of the scheduled class sessions whether excused or unexcused is excessive and may result in a grade penalty.

Tests must be taken on the assigned dates. Makeup tests are only permitted in extreme cases.

In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of l974, USCL students have the right to review, inspect, and challenge the accuracy of information kept in a cumulative file by the institution unless the student waives this right. It also ensures that records cannot be released in other than emergency situations without the written consent of the student. For more information on FERPA policy, see the USCL Student Handbook at the above referenced web page.

Access to Medford Library’s Electronic Resources is available from off-campus to currently enrolled students using EZProxy access. 

The University of South Carolina does not discriminate in educational or employment opportunities or decisions for qualified persons on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status. The University of South Carolina has designated as the ADA Title II, Section 504 and Title IX coordinator the Executive Assistant to the President for Equal Opportunity Programs. The Office of the Executive Assistant to the President for Equal Opportunity Programs is located at 1600 Hampton Street, Columbia, SC; telephone 803-777-3854.