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Buy your USC Lancaster apparel, textbooks, and supplies at our campus bookstore, or just stop in to grab a snack or pick up some Lancers apparel!

GOOD NEWS for Lancaster County Residents, textbook charges added to your Fall 23 & Spring 24 student bill will be paid for by the Lancaster County Commission for Higher Education!


Textbooks just got more affordable through the Follet ACCESS Program

USCL has partnered with our campus bookstore, Follett, to offer the ACCESS program which will make the cost of textbooks and required course materials more affordable for our students*. The ACCESS program will allow students to rent or purchase textbooks at a reduced cost. Through the ACCESS program, students will now have access to required course materials on the first day of class, so they are ready for success on day one. This program provides both digital and physical materials to students, depending on the instructor's textbook choice. Students participating in the program will have their required materials provided and should not purchase materials or pay outside sources for access to their required materials. 

*Dual enrollment students, see Dual Enrollment Student Information section below. 

How Does It Work?

The ACCESS program takes the hassle out of purchasing textbooks and required materials, and the best part is there’s no action required! You’re already included in the program when you register for classes. Once you register, your course list will be sent to the campus bookstore, and they will get everything ready for you! Some digital textbooks and materials will be available to students directly through Blackboard, and physical materials can be picked up in the bookstore. Other digital textbooks and materials are available through Brytewave. For more information on accessing Brytewave, see the FAQs below. All you need to do is check your email for details of how and when your materials will be available. With the ACCESS program, required materials are included on your bill at the rate of $25 per credit hour and can be paid along with your tuition and fees or by using financial aid. If you do not wish to take advantage of the cost savings through the ACCESS program, you can opt out of the program (see opt out details below).

Other “recommended” or “suggested” course materials and supplies are not provided as part of this program. These items can be found by looking up the course number on the bookstore website and purchased online or in-store. 

Classes with no required course materials are still assessed the $25/credit hour fee so you will want to consider your total courseload in your opt out decision. 

Opt Out Information

Students who do not want to participate in the ACCESS program can opt out of the program through the opt out portal (opt out dates and link on right side of page). You will need to use your campus email address and create a password to sign in to the portal. Remember to opt out each semester if you do not want to participate. All students are automatically enrolled in the program every semester, even if they opted out in previous semesters. Fees being refunded will take about 24-48 hours to post to your account. 

Reminder – you are opting out for your entire semester schedule. You cannot opt out of individual courses.

Fall 2023 Opt Out Dates

Term Session Classes Start Opt Out By Method
Fall Full Term 8/24 9/13 Portal
Fall Second Half Term 10/23 11/1 Email

Spring 2024 Opt Out Dates

Term Session Classes Start Opt Out By Method
Spring Full Term 1/8 1/26 Portal
Spring Second Half Term 3/11 3/20 Email

You should receive a confirmation email once you successfully opt out. Email or call 803-313-7050 if you need additional assistance with the opt out process.

Dual Enrollment Student Information

If you attend class on the USC Lancaster campus or online, you will automatically be enrolled in the bookstore Access program as describe above. Fees will appear on your USC Lancaster student account at the rate of $25/credit hour and they are not covered by Lottery Tuition Assistance Program (LTAP). 

If you attend classes at your high school or are in an online class designated for dual enrollment students only, you will not be enrolled in the bookstore Access program. These classes have a three-character section number beginning with 4H (i.e. 4HA, 4HR, etc.). Visit this link to see all the classes excluded from the program. 

If you attend classes at both your high school and on the USC Lancaster campus, you will be enrolled in the bookstore program only for the classes you take on the USC Lancaster campus (or non-dual enrollment online courses). 

You have the choice to opt out of the bookstore Access program for the term and purchase your course materials elsewhere (refer to the opt out information above). If you do not opt out before the deadline, you will be charged for course materials that are made available to you through the Access program. 

You should check your required course materials on the bookstore website prior to making your opt out decision. Go to the bookstore website, select the current term, and FIND COURSES to search course material requirements. Recommended course materials are not covered under the Access program. Classes with no required course materials are still assessed the $25/credit hour fee so you will want to consider your total courseload in your opt out decision. You cannot opt out of the program for individual courses, you are opting out for your entire semester schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

In addition to offering textbooks and materials at a significantly reduced price, students have all their required materials on the first day of classes.

NO! You do not need to order your required books from the bookstore, website, or any other source. The bookstore will order your textbooks and required materials based on the courses you are registered for. If your schedule changes, your book order will be updated accordingly.

Only materials identified by your professor as “required” are included as part of program. All “recommended” materials will be available for purchase at the bookstore. 

Students can verify the format of their materials on the bookstore website. If the text says New, Used, or Rental, the book will be physical; if the text says Digital, the book will be accessible in Blackboard.

Digital textbooks will be available for the semester when your USCL Blackboard course opens up. You will also receive an email to your USCL email from BryteWave with instructions on how to access those materials. 

If your course requires courseware/homework solutions (formerly access codes), login into Blackboard and follow your instructors’ instructions. No code is needed but you do need to use your campus email address to access the material.

BryteWave is a digital textbook platform. You can highlight text, bookmark, search, sort and take notes using BryteWave.

If you do not receive an email from BryteWave but believe you have digital textbooks, go to and log in using your campus email address and your BryteWave password. If you do not know your password, select "Forgot Password" and enter your campus email address. Login details will be sent to your USCL email account. 

You will receive an email from the bookstore letting you know there is a physical textbook being used for your course. The bookstore will have designated days and times for pickup. Please bring your USCL ID with you for pickup. 

Visit the bookstore website and add Shipping and Handling ONLY to your bag, then checkout. A bookstore team member will ship your physical books to the preferred address you entered. 

A charge will appear on your bill as Bookstore Access Program. You can pay through the Self-Service Carolina payment gateway or allow the charge to be paid by your financial aid when it disburses.

Just like tuition and fees, when students drop a course prior to the drop/add date, the course materials fee will be credited back to the student's account. This is were Drop/add/refund dates can be viewed.

Students dropping courses using digital books will not need to take any further action. Once the class is dropped from their schedule, access to the digital material will be automatically removed from Blackboard. 

Physical materials should be returned in reusable condition. Failure to return materials will result in extra fees for the non-return.

The bookstore will provide the required textbooks for courses you add until the drop/add deadline.

The bookstore will automatically create a new order as you add classes.

o   If a digital book is available for the class, access will be provided within 24-48 hours of adding the course.

o   If print books are used for the class, your order will be processed within 48 hours and you will receive an email from the bookstore when your order is ready for pick-up.

Even if you have opted out of the Follett ACCESS program, you can still purchase your required items from the bookstore. Please note, items are custom priced for Follett ACCESS participants and will be a different price than what is offered through the program. Some items --like physical books -- are readily available in the bookstore. However, some materials may need to be special ordered for you. The bookstore will work with you to get you the materials you need. 

All rented books must be returned to the bookstore when the term ends. You will receive reminder emails with return deadline details.  

Students can print parts of their digital book, but the publisher determines how much of the book can be printed.

Students should contact the bookstore for more information.

If you have questions about textbooks or required materials, email the bookstore or call 803-313-7050. If you have questions about charges on your bill, email the Business Office or call 803-313-7115.


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The USC Lancaster Bookstore is operated by Follett Higher Education Group, the largest educational bookseller in America.