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Face coverings are required at all times inside all campus buildings. Frequently check this COVID-19 link. and the gray boxes below to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates.

Tuition and Fees

Palmetto College and Campuses Fee Schedule

Fee Description Full-Time, 2020-21 Part-Time, 2021-22 (Per Credit Hour)
Tuition  Undergraduate Resident  $3,579 $298.25
Tuition  Undergraduate Nonresident  $8,819 $743.25
Tuition  Active Duty Military Undergraduate $3,000 $250
Tuition - Senior Citizen (age 60+) (technology and application fees apply - see rates below) $0 $0
Tuiton Dual Enrollment – Includes Pace High School Courses (per credit hour)   $85
Application Fee – Degree Seeking $40  
Application Fee – Non-Degree Seeking $10  
Application Fee – Re-Admits $10  
Lab Fee - Math 141, 142 $60  
Lab Fee -  PEDU 100 Level Courses $20  
Lab Fee -  Science Courses $40  
Lab Fee - (100 - level Theater Courses and All Art Courses) $30  
Matriculation Fees (Degree Seeking Freshmen) $50  
Orientation Fee $50  
Parking and Security – Fall and Spring Semester $65  
Parking and Security – Summer $30  
Preferred Parking Upgrade (Optional) $20  
Pre-Nursing Enrichment Fee 
(for all nursing students in year 1 and 2 of nursing program)
$408 $34
Reinstatement Fee for Students Dropped for Non-Payment $75  
Technology Fee $200 $17
Test Proctoring $30  


Palmetto College Rates


Parking Violation Fees

Fee Description 2021-2022
Parking Fines – Permit Improperly Displayed $10
Parking Fines – Handicap Violation, First Offense $25
Parking Fines – Handicap Violation, Second Offense $50
Parking Fines – Handicap Violation, Third Offense $100
Parking Fines – Other $20
  • Books and supplies not included in tuition and fees listed. Actual student expenses will differ based on class schedule.
  • Books and supplies can be purchased through the USCL Bookstore. Class book requirements are posted on each student's account through Self Service Carolina.
  • Tuition and fees are approved by the Board of Trustees and may be subject to change each academic year.