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    Graduate spotlight

    Jamee Ringer  (2022 BA, dance) 

When Dance and Science Collide

Adopted from Guatemala and raised in Irmo, SC, Jamee Ringer had a talent for dance and dreamed of following in her father's footsteps at USC. After discovering her love for science as well, she found a home for both her passions in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

What drew you to Dance at USC?

I started dancing at three years old and have been in love with the feeling of performance since. I knew I wanted to go to college for dance but wasn’t sure which program would offer me the ability to dance and take classes equally. USC was the university that provided me with both. Although the dance curriculum was different from what I previously trained in, I found it exciting to experience a different level of dance training along with new styles to adapt to.  

Ringer dancing with a mask.
You’re also double-minoring in biology and chemistry. Why did you choose these minors to accompany your dance major?

During my sophomore year of college, I learned that I have a strong love for the medical field. I took on the minors to support my pre-med track and wish to someday help dancers. Now, I know that once I have established a career in dance, I can go to medical school and learn how to help future athletes in injury prevention, rehabilitation and medical practices.

How did your instructors play a pivotal role in making you feel connected and prepared in your fields of study?  

One of my professors, Jennifer Deckert, introduced me to the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science during my freshman year. This was the first time I had heard of dance and science being practiced together in a professional setting, and I felt that my two worlds had finally collided.  

Did you have an internship or any other experiential learning (i.e., research experience, study abroad) that stands out from your time at USC?

I am a part of Alpha Epsilon Delta and Phi Delta Epsilon, pre-professional organizations that support pre-med track undergraduates. Being a part of both has allowed me to meet others of diverse backgrounds who strive to make a difference. Last spring break I went on a medical mission trip to Costa Rica with Phi Delta Epsilon to set up free medical clinics in low-income neighborhoods. The trip confirmed that a career in the medical field is a future goal for me.  

How have you been influenced or grown from being part of the diverse culture of people, ideas and disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences?  

In the College of Arts and Sciences, all the majors are vastly different. Being a dance major with a double minor in two sciences, I had the capacity to connect with very different fields. I have also learned that those in differing fields are not all different. We all have passions we wish to share through our chosen mediums. This has taught me that no matter how different someone may seem from me, there is always a way to connect to others.  

What plans do you have after graduation?

I have recently accepted the opportunity to study with the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. I will train with them for the next three years. Eventually, I also plan to go back to school to earn a medical degree to support athletes in the future.  

How do you feel your academic experience in the Department of Theatre and Dance prepared you for your upcoming career?

I have learned to support myself through audition experiences, navigating workplace environments and standing up for my needs. Within the arts, there are different perspectives, styles and techniques. Knowing that your own may clash with others and how to handle those situations will help you to develop a better network with those around you. Additionally, I have learned to make the most of every opportunity I get. Even if something seems impossible, giving it a chance can create lasting memories and continue to shape you as a person.  

Did faculty/advisors in your department support or connect you to career opportunities in your field?

Yes! I felt that I was supported in every way possible to go and chase my dream career. My professor André Megerdichian supported me in auditioning for summer intensives, which is how I landed the job with Joffrey. Once I learned that Joffrey wanted me to train with them, all my professors encouraged me to move to New York. They have since done everything they could to make sure I would graduate from USC and that I would be happy with my choice for my future. 

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