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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Welcome Summer Fellowship Recipients

The following students have received summer fellowships:

Summer Copenhaver Fellowship

Abigail Waldron – working with Prof. Chen– starting May 23rd

Dustin Goodlett – working with Prof. L. Shimizu- starting June 6th

Kevin Dudley – working with Prof. Angel- starting June 13th

Olivia Manley – working with Prof. W. Outten- starting June 15th

Hiram and Lawanda Allen Summer Fellowship

A. Brenda Kapingidza - working with Prof. Karthikeyan– starting June 1st

Charles F. Murtiashaw Summer Fellowship

Christopher Risner - working with Prof. Shustova- starting June 1st

IRIX/David L. Coffen Fellowship

Rhiannon Robke - working with Prof. Hashemi– starting May 16th

Chemistry IP Summer Fellowship

Brandon Yarbrough - Working with Prof. Shustova- starting June 13th


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