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Super Ad Poll

The Votes are In

One hundred students and faculty in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications gathered in the multimedia room at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications  for the 14th Annual Cocky's Super Ad Poll to watch the game and critique this year’s lineup of Super Bowl commercials.  

The ad winning the top spot based on its persuasiveness, likability and brand identity was Buick's "Pee Wee," which featured Cam Newton.The winning ad continues the carmaker’s “That’s a Buick?” theme, with the father of a pee-wee football player looking at a car that pulls into the parking lot and saying, “If that’s a Buick, then my kid is Cam Newton.” The kid is instantly transformed into the NFL quarterback.   Watch the commercial»

The public voted in our online vote in the same categories that the class did. The winners were:

1. 84 Lumber - The Journey Begins
2. Buick - Pee Wee
3. Budweiser - Born the Hard Way

Each year the advertising team that creates the winning commercial is invited to campus to receive the coveted Cocky Award and share behind-the scenes stories in the making of the commercial.