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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

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Navigating the World of Consulting

The University of South Carolina's Gamecock Consulting Club (GCC) is carving a unique path by providing students with a platform to explore consulting and achieving success in competitions. The GCC has seen increased participation from the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) thanks to the shared problem-solving approach between consulting and engineering. 

GCC is the university’s only undergraduate organization dedicated to educating future consultants. The club's structure resembles a professional fraternity, instilling a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. But unlike typical fraternities, GCC's approach is less time-consuming while maintaining a high level of professionalism. 

A highly versatile profession, consulting ranges from business to technology and involves problem solving and assisting organizations with challenges or decisions. Consulting firms assemble teams of experts to address specific business problems for their clients. For example, a company may approach a consulting firm because they are experiencing declining revenue or have a new product idea but are uncertain about taking it to the market. GCC serves as a valuable resource for students unfamiliar with the consulting world. 

"People often describe consulting as problem-solving, and I used to wonder what that truly meant," says Anna Michelitch, a GCC member and computer science major. "However, the reality is that consulting is all about problem solving. The typical model for large consulting firms involves assembling teams of experts to address issues presented by big companies.” 

One of GCC's standout features is its remarkable success in case competitions. These competitions challenge teams to provide creative solutions to hypothetical business problems within a set time. The GCC has excelled in both regional and international case competitions. Notably, the club's team won the Wharton Case Competition and represented the U.S. in an international competition in Norway. The club's success in case competitions is a testament to the caliber of talent it cultivates.

Unlike many competing schools, where the focus is primarily on business-related disciplines, GCC's team is a blend of students from various academic backgrounds, including engineering, public health and public policy. The diversity of thought and skills within the team often provides a competitive advantage.

The collaboration between the School of Business and CEC stems from the real-world interconnectedness of these fields.

- GCC member Tyler Beetle

Theta Tau is the foremost professional engineering fraternity and their involvement with the GCC was influenced by alumni. The appeal of GCC to Theta Tau members is boosted by the practical applications of engineering principles within the consulting world. The collaboration is driven by the belief that engineers, equipped with a strong understanding of technical issues, can offer valuable insights in addressing complex business challenges. The connection between the Darla Moore School of Business and the CEC within the GCC highlights the interconnected nature of these disciplines.

The engineering background of GCC members, especially Theta Tau members, proves valuable in the evolving technology landscape. As artificial intelligence continues to impact organizational structures, a solid knowledge base in engineering and computing is becoming increasingly relevant. Consulting firms in tech industries actively seek professionals with expertise in these domains, positioning CEC students for success in providing consulting solutions.

Computer science major Tyler Beetle emphasized the need for engineers to comprehend technical aspects and business strategies, which fosters a holistic education that prepares students for the complexities of both fields. 

"The collaboration between the School of Business and CEC stems from the real-world interconnectedness of these fields,” says Beetle. “Engineers must understand how to effectively market their products and manage finances as well as stay attuned to the economic landscape for strategic product deployment. Likewise, individuals on the business side excel at acumen and innovation. This energy necessitates students pursuing knowledge in both domains, ensuring a holistic education." 

The overlap between GCC and CEC underscores USC's commitment to cultivating professionals who can seamlessly integrate technical and business skills. As engineering students contribute to the success of GCC in case competitions and beyond, they reinforce the club's role as a dynamic hub for the next generation of consultants, prepared to address the diverse challenges of the modern professional landscape.

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