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Academic Advising

Curriculum Management

Curriculum development and decisions are the responsibility and authority of the faculty.  The purpose of the “Curriculum Management” team, under the auspices of the Office of the Provost, is to establish and maintain a cohesive workflow and framework.  In order to promote curricular cohesion, a framework is needed to facilitate training for faculty leadership on designing courses and curriculum according to policy and to best leverage online educational planning and advising tools.

Goals of Curriculum Management

Several hundred courses and curriculum changes are vetted and approved by faculty senate annually. The Curriculum Management team works with a three tiered framework: curriculum governance/decision (i.e. faculty), curriculum interpretation (i.e. how decisions are interpreted) and curriculum implementation (how students enroll in courses.)  Through this framework, the University of South Carolina will benefit from a universal workflow reducing duplication of effort, curricular transparency, reduction in mis-advisement, and the ability to project and predict course demand. 

Curriculum Governance (Faculty & Academic Program Manager)

  • 100% of course proposals move through a comprehensive framework promoting curricular cohesion. 
  • 100% of all undergraduate programs will follow the Program of Study format in the Bulletin.
  • Academic Departments/Undergraduate Directors will be trained on curriculum policy, best practices, and curriculum management and educational planning tools.
  • Faculty will adhere to academic deadlines so as to preserve the catalogue year.

Curriculum Interpretation Goals (Curriculum Management)

  • 100% of University curriculum resources (DegreeWorks, Major Maps, Banner Course Catalog) will be based on and aligned with Bulletin content.
  • 100% of course and curriculum changes will be pre-approved by departments/Undergraduate Directors with Bulletin, Major Maps, DegreeWorks, and Banner Course Catalog prior to being entered into the Curriculum Management Tool (currently APPS, future CourseLeaf).
  • 100% of course and program proposals include all necessary information for review and approval through curriculum approval process leaving no room for disparate interpretation.

Curriculum Implementation Goals (Advisement)

  • 100% of all continuing degree-seeking students will have accurate degree audits after their academic advisement sessions for each term. (DegreeWorks)
  • 100% of all degree-seeking students will have a locked education plan by their primary Academic Advisor specifying courses to be taken prior to registration for each term.
  • 100% of all continuing degree-seeking students who change majors will be required to attend an academic advisement session to readjust their degree audit and education plan in their new program of study.
  • 100% of all degree candidates will have complete degree audits prior to graduation approval.


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