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Search the ever-expanding icon library and download icon packages to support your University of South Carolina marketing and communications efforts.

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Filter or search the library for specific icons, related items and full categories. Download the complete set or choose single icon packages, which include digital artwork in multiple brand colors plus reverse.

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  • Bar Chart with Pencil Icon
    Bar Chart with Pencil bar chart with pencil, report, presentation, finances, financial, annual report, data, management, reporting, information
  • Brain Icon
    Brain brain, mind, smart, knowledge, learning, think, human body, organ, mental, science
  • Digital Dashboard Icon
    Digital Dashboard digital dashboard, trend, report, data management, qualitative, analysis, finances, financial, reporting, information
  • Document Signature Line Icon
    Document Signature Line Document signature line, contract, agreement, plan, strategy, sign, endorsement
  • Downtown Columbia Skyline Icon
    Downtown Columbia Skyline Statehouse, downtown, buildings, Columbia, SC, South Carolina
  • Film Production Slate Icon
    Film Production Slate film production slate, cinematography, film, production, video, camera, advertising, media, news, digital, set,
  • First Aid Symbol with Heart Icon
    First Aid Symbol with Heart first aid symbol with heart, medical, care
  • Gaming Controller Icon
    Gaming Controller gaming controller, console, video game, gamer, design, digital, wired
  • Handshake Icon
    Handshake handshake, clutch, deal, agreement, contract, shaking, business, partnership, team
  • Heart Icon
    Heart heart, human body, organ, cardiac, science, pump, blood
  • Hot Dog in Bun Icon
    Hot Dog in Bun hot dog in bun, wiener, hotdog, meal, dinner, lunch, cookout, grill
  • Kayak and Paddle Icon
    Kayak and Paddle kayak and paddle, river, lake, outdoors, relaxation, fitness, float, sports
  • Location Pin Icon
    Location Pin location pin, place, spot, point, destination, journey
  • Lungs Icon
    Lungs lungs, human body, science, organ, breathe, airways, respiratory
  • Magnifying Glass Icon
    Magnifying Glass magnifying glass, inspect, examine, search, see, study, enlarge, detail
  • Medicine Bottle and Capsule Icon
    Medicine Bottle and Capsule medicine bottle and capsule, drugs, over the counter, prescription, pharmacy, drug store, pill, capsule, treatment, remedy
  • Movie Camera Icon
    Movie Camera movie camera, cinematography, film, production, video, camera, advertising, media, news, digital, journalism
  • Newsprint Paper Icon
    Newsprint Paper newsprint paper, newspaper, media, media, paper, journalism, news, information
  • Notepad and Pen Icon
    Notepad and Pen notepad and pen, calendar, date, day, event, note
  • Ornamental Iron Icon
    Ornamental Iron ornamental iron, iron, work, fencing, decorative, wrought
  • Palette with Paint and Brush Icon
    Palette with Paint and Brush palette with paint and brush, art, artist, fine arts, watercolor, acrylics, painting, art school, study, gallery, color
  • Paper Airplane in Flight Icon
    Paper Airplane in Flight paper airplane in flight, flight, design, movement, sky, launch, engineering, science, flying, aerospace, air, travel
  • Positive Trend Report Icon
    Positive Trend Report positive trend report, data, finances, financial, reporting, annual report, fiscal, stewardship, money, mangement, information
  • Sketchbook and Pencil Icon
    Sketchbook and Pencil sketchbook and pencil, notepad, notebook, writing, drawing, jot, take notes, record, sketchpad, sketchbook
  • Slice of Pizza with Toppings Icon
    Slice of Pizza with Toppings slice of pizza with toppings, pizza, pie, italian, mushrooms, prepperoni, meal, food, leftovers, dinner, lunch, breakfast, snack
  • Sound Entering Ear Icon
    Sound Entering Ear sound entering ear, hearing, auditory, listen, hear, test, sounds, earlobe, body, sense
  • Steering Wheel Icon
    Steering Wheel steering wheel, guide, direction, steer, mobility, moveing, movement, drive, driving, plan, strategy
  • Three Test Tubes Icon
    Three Test Tubes coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, SAFE, testing, saliva, test, safety, health, science, prevention, spit, solution, liquid
  • Toolbox with Tools Icon
    Toolbox with Tools toolbox with tools, gear, workplace, hammer, wrench, job, assistance, help, tool, box
  • Wallet and Currency Icon
    Wallet and Currency wallet and currency, money, earnings, dollars, cash, finances, savings, money clip
  • Bottle Squirting Liquid Icon
    Bottle Squirting Liquid bottle squirting liquid, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, sanitize, clean, sanitizer, cleaner, disinfect, squirt, bottle, trigger, squeeze, liquid, spray
  • Coronavirus Particle Icon
    Coronavirus Particle coronavirus particle, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, pandemic, epidemic, virus, epidemiology, health, science
  • Face Mask Icon
    Face Mask face mask, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, face, cover, covering, gaiter, wrap, masks, cloth, safety, health, science
  • Flight of Stairs Icon
    Flight of Stairs flight of stairs, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, stairs, steps, walk, up, safety, uncrowded, upstairs, stairwell
  • Hand Sanitizer in Bottle Icon
    Hand Sanitizer in Bottle hand sanitizer in bottle, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, sanitize, sanitizer, hand, lotion, antibacterial, sanitized, alcohol, squirt, disinfect, solution, safety, health, science
  • Hand Washing with Bubbles Icon
    Hand Washing with Bubbles hand washing with bubbles, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, handwashing, hand, wash, washing, risk, mitigation, water, soap, clean, safety, health, science
  • Hand Washing with Faucet Icon
    Hand Washing with Faucet hand washing with bubbles, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, handwashing, hand, wash, washing, risk, mitigation, water, soap, clean, safety, health, science
  • House Icon
    House house, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, home, residence, quarantine, apartment, rental, housing, safety, shelter, health, science
  • Safe Distance for Person Icon
    Safe Distance for Person safe distance for person, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, social, physical, distance, distancing, apart, separate, stay away, parted, away from, distanced, six, feet, safety, crowd, crowding, uncrowded
  • Soap Bubbles Icon
    Soap Bubbles soap bubbles, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, soap, soapy, bubbles, clean, disinfect, wash, clean, liquid
  • Solid Check Inside Circle  Icon
    Solid Check Inside Circle solid check inside circle, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, safe, okay, warning, allowed, good, yes, checkmark, check, mark, safety, complete
  • Solid X Inside Circle Icon
    Solid X Inside Circle solid X inside circle, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, X, danger, warning, don''t, not, okay, use, unavailable, no, unsafe
  • Temperature Gauge Icon
    Temperature Gauge temperature gauge, thermometer, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, fever, hot, temperature, feverish, temp, health, science
  • Video Conference on Monitor Icon
    Video Conference on Monitor video conference on monitor, coronavirus, covid, COVID-19, video conference, zoom, teams, distance learning, online, virtual, digital, conference call, virtually
  • Arrow inside Circle Icon
    Arrow inside Circle arrow inside circle, arrow, direction, point, wayfinding, navigate, turn, directional
  • Balloon on String in Sky Icon
    Balloon on String in Sky balloon on string in sky, balloon, float, air, up, celebrate, study, research, inflate, full, rise, arise, party
  • Baseball in Motion Icon
    Baseball in Motion baseball in motion, baseball, sport, Gamecocks, Founders Park, diamond, bases, baseline, the show, SEC, Southeastern Conference, athletic, bat, ball, pitcher, pitch, throw, toss, ball, glove, field, players, sports
  • Basketball in Net  Icon
    Basketball in Net basketball in net, basketball, sport, Gamecocks, Colonial Life Arena, hoops, SEC, Southeastern Conference, athletic, pass, dunk, ball, court, players, team, Lady, sports
  • Circular Feedback Loop Icon
    Circular Feedback Loop circular feedback loop, feedback, cycle, input, output, provide, react, reaction, system, response, respond, evaluate, update, correct, transmit, transmission, information, communications, public health, social work
  • Closed Padlock Icon
    Closed Padlock closed padlock, lock, padlock, secure, locked, closed, protect, protected, safe, secure, tight, hardware, password, encrypted, code, security, sata, strong, defended, defense, stable, steady, locking
  • Cloud with Shining Sun Icon
    Cloud with Shining Sun cloud with shining sun, sunshine, sun, light, bright, weather, sunny, cloud, cloudy, overcast, outside, nature, outdoors, ray, sunbathe, lit, natural, environment
  • Comedy & Tragedy Masks Icon
    Comedy & Tragedy Masks comedy and tragedy masks, drama, theater, theatre, arts, performance, actor, tragedy, comedy, art, fine, theatrical, production, audition, show, role, stage, acting, actress, Longstreet, Drayton, Center for Performance Experiment, play, screenwriting, writer, creativity
  • Convergence Point Icon
    Convergence Point convergence point, converge, merge, unite, group, grouping, impact, collide, collision, together, grouped, engineering, computing, information, communications, public health, social work, advertising, arts
  • Event Tickets Icon
    Event Tickets event tickets, tickets, admission, admittance, performance, game, show, event, attend, ticketing, admit, entrance, entry, show, showing, film, theatre, theater, play, arts, retail, sports, music
  • Eye Icon
    Eye eye, sight, see, ocular, vision, sense, iris, cornea, ophthamology, medical, body, science, biology, study, eyeball, sciences, medicine, arts
  • Football in Motion Icon
    Football in Motion football in motion, football, sport, Gamecocks, Williams Brice, gridiron, SEC, Southeastern Conference, athletic, pigskin, throw, toss, ball, field, players, team, sports
  • Laptop Computer Icon
    Laptop Computer laptop computer, laptop, computer, Mac, Apple, PC, computing, HP, Dell, connected, work, employment, study, write, display, system, portable, watch, internet, learn, notes, video, case, class, engineering, computing, information, communications, advertising, teaching, arts
  • Medical Stethoscope Icon
    Medical Stethoscope medical stethoscope, stethoscope, medical, mecine, dignosis, measure, listen, hear, study, investigate, monitor, evaluate, physician, nurse, student, nursing, health, care, healthcare, doctor, exam, clinic, medicine, nursing, public health
  • Sitting Squirrel Icon
    Sitting Squirrel sitting squirrel, squirrel, animal, nut, rodent, Horseshoe, campus, wildlife, tree, tail, climb, nest
  • Smart Phone Icon
    Smart Phone smart phone, phone, smartphone, tablet, device, handheld, mobile, connected, social, network, app, information, communications
  • Syringe with Liquid Icon
    Syringe with Liquid syringe with liquid, syringe, shot, health, care, science, medicine, healthcare, hospital, physician, nursing, nurse, medical, therapy, treatment, pharmacy, vaccine, immunization, immunize, vaccination, inject, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, covid
  • Three Wildflowers Icon
    Three Wildflowers three wildflowers, flowers, plants, vegetation, botany, garden, wildflowers, nature, natural, beauty, seed, plant, biology, biological sciences, environment, ecosystem, science, arts
  • Weight Scale Icon
    Weight Scale weight scale, scale, weight, measure, diet, pound, ounce, health, monitor, fitness, healthy, healthful, exam, physical, weigh, medicine, nursing, pharmacy
  • Wrapped Gift in Box Icon
    Wrapped Gift in Box wrapped gift in box, gift, giving, foundation, planned, development, donation, present, surprise, scholarship, support, fundraising, campaign, donor
  • Apple with Leaf Icon
    Apple with Leaf apple with leaf, apple, fruit, education, teacher, faculty, professor, healthy, snack, eat, wellness, education, medicine, health, science, nursing
  • Camera with Lens Icon
    Camera with Lens camera with lens, camera, photo, picture, snap, pic, photograph, photography, photographer, photog, image, img, snap, retail, arts, College of Information and Ccommunications, advertising
  • Checkmark in Solid Box Icon
    Checkmark in Solid Box checkmark in solid box, check, mark, yes, complete, done, checkmark, accounting
  • Cup-Style Trophy Icon
    Cup-Style Trophy cup-style trophy, trophy, prize, award, honor, distinction, excellence, awarded, noted, ribbon, mark, merit, sports
  • Data Graph with Arrow Icon
    Data Graph with Arrow data graph with arrow, line, graph, data, numbers, numeric, value, analysis, research, study, analyze, audit, business, information, accounting, advertising
  • Gavel with Handle Icon
    Gavel with Handle gavel with handle, gavel, leader, government, official, elected, election, order, proceeding, judge, court, trial, law, social work
  • Globe with Continents Icon
    Globe with Continents globe with continents, globe, world, planet, Earth, global, worldwide, worldclass, continents, continental, business, education, public health, social work
  • Graduation Cap and Tassel Icon
    Graduation Cap and Tassel graduation cap and tassel, academics, mortarboard, mortar, graduation, commencement, hat, cap, tassel, graduate, diploma, senior
  • Lightbulb Emitting Light Icon
    Lightbulb Emitting Light lightbulb emitting light, lightblub, light, bulb, electric, idea, power, illuminate, lit, switch, electrical, bulbs
  • Longstreet Facade Icon
    Longstreet Facade longstreet facade, longstreet, theater, theatre, arts, drama, performance, acting, performances, performing, fine art, stairs, historic, gym, gymnasium, old, building, campus
  • Maxcy Monument Orb Icon
    Maxcy Monument Orb Maxcy monument orb, Maxcy, Horseshoe, mounument, Clariosophic Literary Society, Jonathan Maxcy, president, Robert Mills, Egyptian Revival
  • Megaphone with Handle Icon
    Megaphone with Handle megaphone with handle, megaphone, amplify, announce, announcement, cheer, spirit, shout, advertising
  • Piggy Bank with Coin Icon
    Piggy Bank with Coin piggy bank with coin, pig, piggy, bank, save, saving, scholarship, funds, money, dollars, cents, savings, add, sports, accounting
  • Ribbon Award Icon
    Ribbon Award ribbon award, ribbon, mark, award, distinction, excellence, notable, place, noted, honor, awarded, distinctive, awards, merit, education
  • Scales of Justice Icon
    Scales of Justice scales of justice, scales, justice, balance, law, equity, equality, legal, court, supreme court, lawyer, case, weight, gavel, judge, trial, jury, accounting
  • Simple Globe on Stand Icon
    Simple Globe on Stand simple globe on stand, globe, world, planet, Earth, global, worldwide, worldclass, world, class, business, education, public health, social work
  • Suitcase with Straps Icon
    Suitcase with Straps suitcase with straps, suitcase, travel, global, study, abroad, education, fly, international, pack, bag, duffel, business, retail, sports
  • Tabletop Microphone Icon
    Tabletop Microphone tabletop microphone, microphone, speaker, radio, podcast, speak, amplify, mike, mic, broadcast, broadcasting, podcaster, podcasting, pod, audio, communications, music, advertising
  • Vertical Bar Graph Icon
    Vertical Bar Graph vertical bar graph, bar, graph, data, numbers, numeric, value, analysis, research, study, analyze, audit, business, sports, communications, accounting, advertising
  • Weather Vane with SC Icon
    Weather Vane with SC weather vane with SC, weather vane, rooster, animal, Gamecock, Gamecocks, building, architecture
  • Airplane Icon
    Airplane airplane, plane, aircraft, flying, flight, international, travel, airline, wing, study, abroad, education, overseas, fly, vacation, experience, maymester, course, internship, engineering, hospitality
  • Atom Icon
    Atom atom, atomic, science, chemistry, biology, physics, lab, laboratory, research, atoms, interaction, course, class, academics, science, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health
  • Bicycle in Motion Icon
    Bicycle in Motion bicycle in motion, bike, bicycle, cycle, wheels, transportation, spin, exercise, fitness, health, outdoors, ride, wheeled, riding, commute, commuter, campus
  • Computer Monitor Icon
    Computer Monitor computer monitor, computer, monitor, technology, software, workstation, IT, screen, information, visual, data, science, engineering, computing, information, communications, advertising, arts
  • Connected Items Icon
    Connected Items connected items, connection, united, group, join, together, connected, linked, network, engineering, computing, information, communications, public health, social work, advertising
  • Diploma with Ribbon Icon
    Diploma with Ribbon diploma with ribbon, diploma, graduation, commencement, graduate, degree, ceremony, class, senior, grad, certificate, award, merit, document,
  • Gamecock Head and Neck Icon
    Gamecock Head and Neck gamecock head and neck, gamecock, cocky, animal, spirit, gamecocks, rooster
  • Hiking Boot Icon
    Hiking Boot hiking boot, boot, hike, hiking, outdoors, recreation, trail, woods, shoe, outside, nature
  • Human Head with Brain Icon
    Human Head with Brain human head with brain, knowledge, brain, education, learning, research, smart, study, learn, course, class, business, education, engineering, computing, information, communications, law, nursing, pharmacy
  • Ionic Column Icon
    Ionic Column Ionic column, column, pillar, ionic, arhcitecture, building, historic, classic, classical, scrolls, scroll, support, institution, foundation, education, law, music, arts
  • IV Bag on Pole Icon
    IV Bag on Pole IV bag on pole, drip, IV, intravenous, health, care, science, medicine, healthcare, hospital, physician, nursing, nurse, medical, therapy, treatment, infusion, solution, tubing, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health
  • Outline of SC with Star Icon
    Outline of SC with Star outline of SC with star, state, South Carolina, Palmetto State, SC, Midlands, SoCar, Carolina, UofSC, Columbia, South Carolina Honors College
  • Pencil and Paper Icon
    Pencil and Paper pencil and paper, paper, pencil, study, homework, studies, test, quiz, essay, exam, class, course, academics, education, learn, smart, studying, writing, language, communication, explain, write, record, education, teaching, arts
  • Pineapple Fruit Icon
    Pineapple Fruit pineapple fruit, pineapple, welcome, hospitality, warm, friendly, fruit, healthy, hospitable, friendliness, amiable, affable, wellness,
  • Solar Panel with Reflection Icon
    Solar Panel with Reflection solar panel with reflection, solar, panel, array, sun, photovoltaics, cell, energy, sustainability, green, light, sunlight, renewable, environmental, environment, PV
  • Speech Bubbles Icon
    Speech Bubbles speech bubbles, speech, talk, converse, conversation, convo, discuss, dialogue, exchange, reciprocal, arts, education, information, communications, law, social work, advertising, arts
  • Stack of Three Books Icon
    Stack of Three Books stack of three books, books, education, class, school, university, course, classes, college, educate, education, learn, learning, smart, improve, knowledge, education, engineering, law, pharmacy

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