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Cover Photos

Most social media platforms include another visual option to enhance your profile. In addition to your profile image, you can add a cover image to increase the visual appeal of your profile. 

Photo Quality

As social platforms have evolved, they have become more and more visual. Fortunately, you're part of one of the state's most beautiful and historic subjects, which makes high-quality cover images a snap. Use your social profile cover images to showcase your unit or the university itself and to affiliate your unit closely with the easy-to-recognize imagery of our iconic campus. 

Take the opportunity to add a high-quality, representative image in social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Strive to showcase yourself with high-resolution images that are crisp and clear and fit the clearly defined space well. Crop your image accordingly to make your visual focused and dynamic.

Social media pro tip.

Size Your Snaps

Photos should always be high resolution and accurately sized for the dimensions of your social media profile. Optimal sizes for each platform change from time to time. A quick Google search will keep you in check and make sure your sizes are correct for the most current versions of social media platforms.

Accessibility Best Practices

Social media platforms do not currently allow you to add alternative text to cover photos. If the cover photo includes imagery that's important to understanding the purpose of the account, that information should be incorporated into a pinned post or account bio.

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