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Frames can be used as both a boundary and a layer in design. Use a frame to create a solid container for an image or as a transparent texture on top of an image.

The frame family includes a variety of styles that can be used as borders for entire compositions or as containers for elements within a layout. When working with frames, keep the overall style and purpose of your design in mind and select frames that reinforce your goals. Overlay frames, like the sunburst, are not intended to be containers for images; they are designed to layer on top of a photo to draw attention to an important area of the image.

Download Frames [zip]


 Frame Styles

  • A solid garnet border on a white square page.


    The solid frame is versatile. It can be used to surround an entire composition or individual elements within a layout.

  • A black square in the middle of a white page with black lines extending out from its edges.


    The sunburst frame is used with photography to accent the subject and add energy to the composition. It can be used as a smaller inset on the page, or at a larger size with a hero image. This frame is intended to overlay an image; not encase it. It works best with simple images. You can also use the frame to encase short phrases or text.

  • A solid black square with the solid white shape of South Carolina in the middle.

    South Carolina

    The South Carolina frame reinforces our brand’s sense of place in the state. It’s used with either a photo or a short bit of text.


Using Frames

Use frames in a range of ways within your design. Add emphasis to a focal point, contain an element with a surprising burst of color, or create a close connection to the state we call home. See examples of ways frames can be used within design.


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Brand Training

Building and layering frames to suit our brand style are complex tasks. In our brand training we will walk you through how to use these frames within your projects.

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