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Communications and Marketing


Our brand personality traits set the tone of our communications. Grounded in the spirit of the university, these traits authentically drive the voice and visuals of all communications.

Our university's personality is characterized by our people, culture and traditions. We are:

  • Committed: supportive of the success of every individual
  • Confident: assertively passionate
  • Tenacious: ambitiously driven by impact
  • Welcoming: approachable and inviting
  • Optimistic: forward-thinking and creative
  • Trustworthy: loyal, acting with unwavering integrity


Personality standard.


To keep your message focused, it's important that you not try to convey all of these personality traits at the same time. Instead, emphasize the traits that are most relevant for your target audience and the specific message you are delivering.


Tips on Infusing Personality into Our Voice

  • Say something interesting.
  • Make an emotional connection.
  • Say something real.
  • Make a human connection.
  • Allow specific stories to have bigger implications.
  • Reveal a larger truth about South Carolina.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.