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Communications and Marketing

Spirit Marks

The tailfeathers and USC 1801 spirit marks each include elements of the University of South Carolina's Block C athletic mark. Used informally within the Carolina family, the spirit marks reflect the great passion fans and alumni feel for the university. Spirit marks are not logos and cannot be used in place of a logo.

  • USC 1801 spirit mark.

    USC 1801

  • Gamecock tailfeathers.



Download Spirit Marks [zip]



  • Use in materials intended for members of the Carolina family who would understand the connection to the athletic “Block C” logo.
  • Always use it in conjunction with a university or unit logo.
  • Use on promotional items and informal communications.
  • Crop the tailfeathers so that they appear to bleed off the page or into an element.
  • Use the appropriate file for your materials — the downloadable ZIP includes multiple file formats and in both CMYK for print and RGB for screen.



  • Do not use in place of the official University of South Carolina logo.
  • Do not combine the graphic with other words or symbols to create a new logo.
  • Do not change the colors of the files. Note: The tailfeathers should always be used in garnet and black. The USC 1801 mark may be used in garnet, black or white.
  • Do not modify the USC 1801 spirit mark file in any way.
  • Do not use on letterhead, business cards, signage, official uniforms, vehicles, social media avatars, websites, external building signage or in any official capacity.


Alternative Versions


    The USC 1801 spirit mark can be customized with some limited text in the banner below the USC lettering. Each version of the USC 1801 spirit mark must be pre-approved and produced by the Division of Communications and Marketing.

  • USC alumni spirit mark.




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