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Faculty and Staff

Christopher Judge

Title: Assistant Director of Native American Studies
Department: Business, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice, and Education
USC Lancaster
Phone: 803-313-7445
Office: Native American Studies Center 114
Resources: Johannes Kolb Archaeology and Education Project
Christopher Judge, Instructor


I have been studying Native Americans in South Carolina for over thirty years. The lens that informs my research is anthropological archaeology of prehistoric cultures. Additionally I actively conduct oral history type research in living Native American communities throughout South Carolina. Currently I am the Director of the Native American Studies Center at USC Lancaster. In 1996, along with my colleagues Carl Steen and Sean G. Taylor, we began a long term initiative known as the Johannes Kolb Archaeological and Education Project. I have served as the President of the Archaeological Society of South Carolina and the Council of South Carolina Professional Archaeologists (COSCAPA). Currently I Chair the Native American Liaison Committee of the COSCAPA and am a member of the COSCAPA membership committee. I served several terms on the Society for American Archaeology’s Public Education Committee. I am a member of Native American Advisory Committee, South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs and a member of the Southeastern Archaeological Conferences’ Native American Liaison Committee. I hold B.A and M.A degrees in Anthropology from USC Columbia.