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Division of Human Resources

Time Away From Work

There are a variety of reasons that an employee might need to take some time away of work, from family vacation to recovering from illness.

It's important for all employees to get away from work periodically in order to manage personal responsibilities or even to simply unwind. And while the University supports our employees through a variety of paid and unpaid leave opportunities, there are also limitations that have been established so that employees can remain productive, and so that expectations are clearly defined and consistently enforced.

Sick Leave

Nobody likes being sick or injured, and it always seems like we're stricken at the most inconvenient times. Whether you are out with the flu, attending an annual check-up with your physician or caring for a sick child, sick leave ensures that you have some paid time off to get healthy and stay healthy.

Annual Leave

Sometimes we need to miss work for personal reasons. We might be waiting for the cable guy, volunteering as a chaperone for a child's field trip or simply taking much needed time for rest and relaxation. Learn about how much paid time off you receive, how to get it approved and other important details.

Family and Medical Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was designed to allow up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per calendar year when employees are unable to work because of a serious health condition for yourself or a qualified family member, or to care for a new child. But how do you apply, and what happens to your insurance while you are gone?

Other Leave With Pay

In addition to traditional sick and annual leave programs, the University of South Carolina provides many other forms of leave with pay in order to support the needs of our employees. Some of these include adoption leave, death in the immediate family, military leave and jury duty. Review a complete list of leave options and learn more about related policies and procedures.

Leave Without Pay

There are many reasons that leave is granted with pay, but there are also times when you must take unpaid leave. While leave without pay isn't intended to serve as punishment, there are absences that might allow for paid leave but employees do not receive appropriate authorization and must therefore take unpaid time off. Avoid costly errors, and also learn more about why you would need to take leave without pay.

Leave Transfer Pool

The University of South Carolina has established a leave transfer pool as an opportunity for faculty and staff to donate annual or sick leave. Intended for employees who are experiencing a personal emergency and do not have enough leave to cover their absence from work, it's just one way that our UofSC family cares for one another. 


One benefit that sets the University of South Carolina apart from other employers is that all employees in full-time equivalent (FTE) positions are allowed to observe University holidays with pay. These holidays — New Years Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and others — are allotted in addition to any paid time off accrued for sick and annual leave.

Hazardous Weather and Emergency Leave

The safety and well-being of faculty, staff, students and guests is always a priority. And as a State agency, the University must follow the delay and closing determinations made by the county government officials where the University and its campuses are located. This includes weather-related conditions and other emergency situations.

Educational Leave

Extended to University employees in full-time equivalent (FTE) positions, educational leave provides the opportunity for you to further your education. Whether enhancing your existing knowledge, or introducing you to new skill sets that help you to forge a new career path, we believe that this opportunity supports both personal and professional growth.