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College of Information and Communications

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Questions and why we ask them

Who? What? When? Where? Why? The traditional 5 W's of journalism are always a good place to start.  If you start here, you'll find out who we are — information and communication writ large across a spectrum of career possibilities. What we teach — understanding information, processing it, crafting messages and disseminating them. When you'll use these skills — 24/7. Where they are applicable — almost any place imaginable from tweets to treatises. Why you can't do without us — why would you want to?

There's more, of course.  How?  There are lots of hows in the process.  How do I find good information? 

Curiosity is essential for all our disciplines.  How do I determine what's relevant?  Critical thinking is a critical tool.  How do I pull it all together?  Hone your writing.  Write and rewrite, whether it's for the news, ad copy or academic research.  How do I know it's working?  Get feedback; dig into the data.

Information surrounds us more than ever.  It leaps off multiple screens within our field of vision.  It chirps from our pockets and purses.  It's pervasive and invasive.

Unless, that is, you know how to use it.

By the way, there is not another college, school, department or discipline on campus that does not also need to understand the information-communication continuum to explain what it does.

Needless to say, we don't mind if you ask questions.  We're disappointed if you don't.

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