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Digital Accessibility

Requesting Accessibility Accommodations in Non-Digital Spaces

If you or someone you know needs accessibility accommodations, the Student Disability Resource Center oversees these requests for physical spaces.

Contact the Student Disability Resource Center

The Center handles requests for accommodations in physical spaces, especially for in-person classroom settings.

Visit the Student Disability Resource Center Site »

Examples of Non-Digital Accessibility Needs

  • Braille format for a text
  • Assistive technology procurement or training
  • Real-time captioning for an individual student in a physical classroom setting (in a course with no virtual component)

Digital Accessibility is Still Required

If your course materials or other digital content is provided in a digital context, that digitally shared content must comply with the latest version of the WCAG Level AA accessibility guidelines even if someone in your class or unit has requested additional, in-person accommodations. The same is also true if no one in your class or unit has requested additional in-personal accessibility accommodations.

What's the Difference Between Digital Accessibility and Accessibility Accommodations?

It may help to think of it like this: Digital accessibility compliance ensures that your digital content is accessible for everyone. An individual's accessibility accommodations help make all content, digital and otherwise, accessible to them.

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