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Digital Accessibility

Image Missing Alt Text / Image Missing a Text Alternative

Alt text, or a text alternative, is crucial for communicating an image to screen reader users. Screen readers announce alt text along with the fact that the element is an image.

How to Fix Images Missing Alt Text

Most snippets with images in the CMS allow you to input an alternative description (aka alt text) for your image or mark your image as decorative.

Marking an image as decorative doesn't cause this issue to be flagged; you would have to add white space to the alternative description field without adding any meaningful information to trigger this issue. Screen readers will still announce an image this way, but without a helpful description of the image, which is an inaccessible experience for screen reader users.

Screenshot of the Insert/edit image dialog. The cursor in the alternative description field is shifted to the right due to white space being added.
Example of adding unhelpful white space to the alternative description field.

To fix this issue, add meaningful alt text to the alternative description field. Refer to our Alt Text Guides if you aren't sure where to begin with writing helpful alt text. Only mark your image as decorative if it truly does not provide any visual information or is redundant with information already provided on the same page.

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