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Digital Accessibility

Multipurpose List Link Text

If you want to include links in your multipurpose list, you'll need to write unique, descriptive text that helps everyone interact with your content.

Writing Link Text for Multipurpose Lists

Every link on a page should have straightforward, distinctive text that describes exactly what someone can expect when they click or tap that link. When there are multiple links in a row on a given screen as in a Multipurpose List snippet, it's even more important to write extremely clear, descriptive text for each.

Change the Default Text

Multipurpose lists have placeholder text for external links, downloads and "Read More." You'll need to update these placeholder links with text that makes sense out of context.

Do this: Replace all placeholder link text with text that's clear about the link destination. For example, "Read Alumni Stories" and "Download Academic Calendar" tells someone what specific content they can expect when they click on these links.

Not that: Generic text like "Read More" or "Download" is too vague because it doesn't describe the link's destination.

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