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Digital Accessibility

Multipurpose List Alt Text

Images within multipurpose list snippets often serve to introduce multiple links. Write alt text based on what the image conveys in the context of your page.

Images that Introduce Links

Unlike in the simple list snippet, the images in a multipurpose list snippet are not part of a link. You can follow the basic steps for writing alt text here, focusing on what you are trying to convey with each list item's image. Think about how your images introduce each list of links.



  1. Our first list image has the alt text "Check Accessibility".  This alt text includes the text present in the image so that those who are blind or low vision can gain access to the same information as visual users.

  2. Our second list image has the alt text "Modern Campus logo". This alt text also includes the text present in the image.

Note: We've replaced the default multipurpose list link text so that we don't have vague, redundant links to "Read More" and "Download".

Adding & Replacing Alt Text

Consider alt text each time you add an image to a multipurpose list and whenever you replace an existing image.

  1. Select your image, then click the Image icon to get to the Insert/Edit options.
    The edit toolbar for an Omni CMS page. The insert/edit image icon is marked with a garnet rectangle for emphasis.
  2. If the image offers absolutely no important visual information or merely repeats nearby information, you may check the "Image is decorative" option box. Otherwise, make sure this box is left unchecked.

  3. Add your alt text to the "Alternative description" box. Click "Save" to confirm.
    The Insert/Edit Image modal over a Multipurpose List Snippet. Empty fields for Source, Accessibility, and Alternative Description are emphasized with a garnet rectangle.

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