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Digital Accessibility

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Keep up with the latest in accessibility at USC and read perspectives on living with a disability on campus.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2024

When it comes to digital accessibility, the first step is building awareness about what digital accessibility is and why it is so important. GAAD is all about building this awareness.

Accessibility in Virtual Environments

Virtual environments, including virtual reality (VR), is a frontier that USC aims to continue to integrate into its curriculum, but accessibility remains a concern as mobility, visual, auditory, and cognitive challenges exist. Learn how USC aims to bridge the gap.

Mental Health in Higher Education

In the midst of a mental health crisis, Colleen Etman defended her dissertation and became a doctor. Now Colleen advocates for mental health awareness for students in higher education.

Don't Call Me a "Person With Disabilities," Please: Person First v. Identity First Language

A person with disabilities. A disabled person. At first glance, those two phrases might seem synonymous. And yet, the two phrases are often worlds apart.

2024 Accessible New Year's Resolutions

Are you one with a 2024 New Year's resolution? Whether yes, no, or still considering it, here's strategies to help increase access towards success and change the hopes to habits.

Digital Holidays 2023

Technology has become an integral part of planning for the holiday season. From online shopping to organizing gatherings, these online platforms aim to bring people together, but can create barriers if digital accessibility isn't factored in.

Disabled Student, Disabled Teacher: Accessibility Behind the Curtain

Being a disabled student is tough. Keeping up with deadlines, getting to classes, dealing with health issues alongside all the other requirements of academic work - it can be overwhelming. But one thing that makes it worse is when you run into a professor who throws you more hurdles than you can handle. Colleen Etman has never wanted to be that professor.

So WCAG 2.2 is Published: Now What?

The new version of the accessibility guidelines is now officially recommended by the W3C. Learn more about what's changed and what this means for us at USC.

I Can't Take the Stairs: A Disabled Grad Student's Perspective

What do snarky elevator signs, uncomfortable chairs, and distance learning have in common? All are unexpected factors that have shaped the educational experience of this disabled graduate student.

"POUR"ing over Everyday Things

Links may seem like a basic, everyday thing, but there's more to making links accessible than you may realize.

Images of Accessibility: An Afternoon of Disability Community

This summer, Colleen Etman met with some other disabled students to help promote USC's Digital Accessibility team. What started as an opportunity to be a face for accessibility on campus became an afternoon of camaraderie and community.

Microsoft Accessibility Checker: Boost Your Document Accessibility Confidence

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint contain an accessibility treasure you can take advantage of. This "Accessibility Checker" has the ability to detect many content accessibility issues and guide you through resolving them.

Improve your Accessibility with Siteimprove

Beyond broken links and misspellings, Siteimprove can help site managers identify common accessibility issues and where to fix them on their unit site.

Disabilities and the Challenges Within Our Digital World

As July is well-known for its 4th day, learn how digital accessibility is related to it's 26th day. Sam's story can help you better understand and relate.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

What does the term accessibility mean to you? Why does it matter? As these questions are important to ask and discuss year-round, they are commonly asked during this time of the year.


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