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Digital Accessibility

Interactive Content is Nested / Role with Implied Hidden Content has Keyboard Focus

Buttons should not have other interactive content, such as links, nested inside of them. Assistive technology users will not be able to interact with the nested content.

How to Fix Nested Interactive Content 

Buttons are a type of interactive content that are not supposed to contain other interactive content inside of them.

When you add an expand/collapse snippet to your site, do not include links, email addresses or any other interactive content inside the Title. The titles are already buttons, and clicking them triggers the action of expanding or collapsing the corresponding section. Include the links or email addresses inside the collapsible content instead.

Screenshot of an expand/collapse snippet. The second button's text is
Example of a button with a link nested inside of it. 

Similarly, do not include links inside the table header of your Data Table snippet. Each header already acts as a sort button.

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