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Digital Accessibility

Link Text

Links play a crucial part in navigating digital content for everyone, especially for assistive technology users.

Writing Accessible Link Text

The more straightforward and distinct you can make your links, the easier it will be for everyone to interact with your content.

Be specific and action-oriented.

A screen reader can sort links in order of appearance, so links shouldn't rely on other text around them to make sense.

Do this: "Read Accessibility Guides" or "View Calendar" describe exactly where the link goes and what someone will find when they get there.
Not that: Generic text like “Click Here” or “Learn More” is too vague because it doesn't describe the link's destination.

Don't include the word "link" in the link text.

Screen readers already announce a link by saying "link" or "clickable graphic." 

Do this: Describe the link's purpose or destination.
Not that: Neither text nor image links need to say "link" or "link to." This will make screen readers say, repetitively, "link link to..."

Put clarifying and key words first.

Do this: Identify what is unique and specific about the link at the front: "March Agenda," "April Agenda."
Not that: Avoid using the same phrase for multiple links: "Agenda for March," "Agenda for April."

Use common phrases and keep the text brief.

Do this: Use the words people will be expecting and be concise, like "Contact us."
Not that: Don't use too many words, like "You can contact us for all your digital accessibility needs, including accessibility reviews, training, or meeting requests."

Avoid linking to documents when possible.

Do this: If you must link to a file or document, indicate that is where the link will go in your link text: "Download Brochure," "Open Guide in Google Docs."
Not that: Don't send users out to documents when you can put the information directly on the screen. 

Adding Links in Specific Platforms

The way you'll add links to your document or web page will depend on the platform you're using to publish digital content.

OCR Video Series: Links

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