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Digital Accessibility

Button Missing Accessible Name / Button Missing a Text Alternative

It's important that buttons have accessible text so that assistive technology users can understand what the button does or what happens if it's clicked.

How to Fix Buttons Missing Display Text

In the CMS, the expand/collapse snippet has buttons that let you expand or collapse a section of content. Each of these buttons, called the Title in edit mode, needs to have meaningful text that summarizes the content that users will expand. If you leave the Title block empty, then the button will be missing display text (i.e., its accessible name).

Screenshot of an expand/collapse snippet. The second button in the snippet does not have any text and is emphasized with a garnet box.
Example of a button missing display text.

When a button is missing an accessible name,  the button's purpose is unclear to assistive technology users. Adding clear button text will resolve this issue.

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