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Digital Accessibility

Digital Platform Business Owners

Those wanting to build or implement a new digital product, tool or service at the university are responsible for ensuring that it complies with accessible guidelines, whether it's a digital property built in house or by a third-party vendor.

Business owners are responsible for the accessibility of any digital assets they purchase or implement.

New digital tools, apps, platforms and other properties should never launch before they have been reviewed and approved for digital accessibility compliance.


Keep Accessibility in Mind
These business owners may not be the ones who ultimately buy, implement or build the product, but their plan for the new digital effort must include ensuring that the end result is accessible.

Ensure Third-Party Products Are Accessible
Any third-party digital offering must comply with all WCAG Level AA standards. Business owners must make this part of their plan from the beginning of any new digital initiative involving third-parties.

Work With Procurement
Digital properties requiring a university contract will go through accessibility checks and review during the procurement process. 
Procedures for Third-Party Digital Tools and Platforms »

Work with Division of IT
Any new digital undertaking built internally must comply with all WCAG Level AA standards. Business owners must work with in-house developers and the Director of Digital Accessibility to ensure their new platform or property is reviewed and approved for accessibility before launch.
Procedures for Building New Sites, Apps or Digital Properties »

Oversee Requested Accessibility Fixes
If accessibility issues are found in the new digital property at any time, the business owner is responsible for follow up to ensure those issues are corrected and for communication with the Director of Digital Accessibility regarding resolution of the issues.

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