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Digital Accessibility

Student Disability Resource Center Representatives

Representatives from the Student Disability Resource Center serve on the Committee and help guide digital accessibility efforts especially as they relate to educational content, assistive technology expertise and the needs of students at the university.

These representatives serve as subject matter experts and serve as the voice of students' accessibility needs.

Because of their role as part of the Student Disability Resource Center and deep knowledge of accessibility guidelines, these representatives are positioned to understand new accessibility problems related to technology at the university and to hear these complaints firsthand.


Contribute to the Accessibility Committee
Help bring any issues to the attention of the larger Committee and complete tasks delegated by the Director of Digital Accessibility.

Work With the Director of Digital Accessibility
Collaborate and coordinate with the Director of Digital Accessibility for large digital initiatives that might require special compliance attention. 

Report Firsthand Complaints to the Digital Accessibility Team
Make the full Committee aware of any complaints regarding digital accessibility or potential problems that arise during the course of everyday work.

Delegate Digital Accessibility Work 
Send complaints that fall under the digital accessibility effort to the Director of Digital Accessibility, offering assistance and follow up as necessary. 

Take on Complaints Outside of Digital Accessibility
Help to research and resolve complaints or issues that relate to accessibility, but outside of a digital context.

Serve as Subject Matter Experts
Review new content, educational materials, trainings, messaging, etc. to ensure the information communicated about digital accessibility is accurate and thorough.

Offer Assistance Where Possible
Step in to help answer questions and resolve issues for those who are struggling with digital accessibility compliance. 

Stay Abreast of Accessibility Changes and Tools
Ensure team members understand accessibility and how to achieve it. Work to keep track of changes in accessibility compliance requirements, assistive technology and accessibility tools (testing, development, scanning, etc).

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