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College of Information and Communications

Faculty and Staff

Sabrina H. Habib, Ph.D.

Title: Visual Communications Sequence Head
Associate Professor
Department: School of Journalism and Mass Communications
College of Information and Communications
Phone: 803-576-6746
Office: School of Journalism and Mass Communications

800 Sumter Street, Room 334
Columbia, SC 29208
LinkedIn: My LinkedIn profile
Resources: Website
Sabrina Habib


B.F.A., Fine Art Photography, University of Florida
M.F.A., Electronic Media, University of Florida
Ph.D., Mass Communication, University of Florida

Research and Creative

Sabrina Habib is a qualitative researcher with a background in advertising and business. She led the development of and currently directs the Data and Communication program at the University of South Carolina. Her main research areas are creativity and leadership.

Habib holds a certification in UX Research and Design. She is often invited to work with researchers from other disciplines that need the unique combination of someone who is both a visual artist and a researcher, well versed in both worlds. Habib is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese and Spanish, bringing a multicultural perspective to SJMC.


Habib strives to empower students to become innovators within their chosen field.  Her courses are centered on socially responsive understandings of communication.  She teaches creativity, Adobe Suite programs and video production. Her students have won numerous coveted awards over the years and Habib was the recipient of the AEJMC Visual Communications Teaching Award in 2020.

Selected Refereed Articles and Publications

Patwardhan, P., Kerr, G., Patwardhan, H., Kelly, L., Habib, S., Mortimer, K., & Laurie, S. (2022). Ad Agency Leadership in the US, UK, and Australia: A Mixed-Method Analysis of Effective Attributes and Styles. Journal of Advertising51(2), 223-239.

Morton, C.R., Habib, S., and Morris, J. (2021). What Women Want: Improving Patient Health Agency through Sexual Health Advertising. International at the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing.

Habib, S.; Patwardhan, P. (2020). Training to Lead in an Era of Change: Insights from Ad Agency Leaders. Journal of Advertising  Education, 24(1) 36-51. Best Paper Award. 
Morton, C. R.; Habib S.; Morris, J. (2020). The Effects of Nostalgia Cues in Sexual Health Advertising. Health Marketing Quarterly .

​Hinojosa, R., Hinojosa, M.S., Fernandez-Reiss, J., Rosenberg, J., and Habib, S. (2020). Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Production, Health, and Social Perspectives. Environmental Justice.

Hildenbrand, Z. L., Carlton Jr, D. D., Wicker, A. P., Habib, S., Granados, P. S., & Schug, K. A. (2020). Characterizing anecdotal claims of groundwater contamination in shale energy basins. Science of The Total Environment, 136618. 

Creative Activities - Films

Traces (Associate Producer), expected 2023. Documentary about second generation Holocaust survivors. Set to air on PBS nationally in 2023.

Fracking Beyond Science (Director, Producer, Editor), 2020. Documentary about hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking.

  • Tulum World Environmental Film Festival. Tulum, Mexico (2022). Research Exploration Award.
  • South Texas Underground Film Festival (STUFF). Corpus Christi, TX (2021).
  • Nassau Film Festival (2021). Princeton, NJ. Honorable Mention.
  • Mindie - Miami Independent Film Festival, monthly edition. Miami, FL (2020).
  • Eugene Environmental Film Festival. Eugene, OR (2020)

Feeding Survivors (Producer), 2020.
Jewish Family and Community Services in collaboration with Feeding North Florida have been caring for over 100 Holocaust survivors in NE Florida. This Short documentary provides an overview of their partnership.

  • Director's Circle Festival of Shorts. Virtual (2021)
  • CENFLO - Central Florida Film Festival. Mount Dora, FL (2021) 
  • Best Shorts Competition. La Jolla, CA (2020)
  • Moscow Jewish Film Festival. Moscow, Russia (2020)
  • First Coast Film Festival. Jacksonville, FL (2020)
  • Global Peace Film Festival. Winter Park, FL (2020)

Yes No Maybe (Co-investigator, Producer, Assistant Editor), 2019.
Documentary about whether creativity can be taught.

  • AEJMC, Toronto, Canada (2019). Creative Research Competition – Third Place
  • SOU Creativity Conference, Ashland, OR (2019)

Those Lonely Minutes (Producer, editor, colorist), 2019.
Woman finds out that her nightmares about aliens were a real experience… or were they?

  • Planet 9 Art Fest. Los Angeles, CA (2020)
  • L-DUB Film Festival. Lake Worth, FL (2020)
  • Underexposed Film Festival YC. Rock Hill, SC (2020). Nominated for Best Thriller/Horror
  • Mysticon. Roanoke, VA (2020)
  • Micropolitan Film Festival. Marion, NC (2020)
  • Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Festival. NJ, (2020)
  • Experimental Forum. Los Angeles, CA (2019)

Decay (Producer, editor, colorist), 2019.
A visual representation of a poem

  • Mindfield Film Festival, Albuquerque, NM (2019). Best Short Film Silver Award
  • Underexposed Film Festival YC. Rock Hill, SC (2019)

Father’s Knots (Producer, Editor), 2018.
Fiction. Short film based on a story of father and son.

  • Underexposed Film Festival, Rock Hill, SC, (2018)

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