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MHIT program works to help high school athletes and families across South Carolina

Students in the MHIT program are getting hands-on experience by working on projects that directly impact South Carolina citizens. Along with these benefits that the program is bringing to the local community, it is also preparing its students for future jobs in the booming healthcare industry.

Introducing the Innovation on Main podcast

The UofSC College of Engineering and Computing is bringing their most innovative thinkers, accomplished leaders, and brightest ideas straight to your ears. Starting this July, the college is sponsoring your soon-to-be favorite outlet for everything engineering and computing. Welcome to the start of the Innovation on Main podcast - we hope you enjoy!

Weidner to receive prestigious mid-career award

John Weidner, the chair of the University of South Carolina's chemical engineering department, will receive the Carl Wagner Memorial Award from The Electrochemical Society in Atlanta this fall.

2019 Breakthrough Award Winners

Three CEC faculty members were named 2019 Breakthrough Award Winners. Read more about their research.

Innovation Think Tank team headed to Germany

Kevin Gagnon, Jack Gabel and Meredith Noble will be presenting their idea for a stroke identification app at the Siemens Healthineers Innovation Think Tank's annual external exhibition.

A successful year in the books

Pooyan Jamshidi's first year at UofSC went exactly according to plan. He developed a machine learning systems course from scratch and redesigned an artificial intelligence course. Now, in his second year, he is excited to see how his expertise can help disciplines across campus.

One on one advising leads Uline to win 2019 Ada B. Thomas Award

Back in 2013, Mark Uline helped propose a new system of block advisement, which gave students the opportunity to be advised by a faculty member of their choice. This led to him receiving the 2019 Ada B. Thomas Award.

Adventures with Andrew #1: A brief introduction

This summer, our communications team will be following McNair Junior Fellow Andrew Anderson as he progresses through his research on carbon fiber thermo plastics. In this first edition, we acquaint you with Andrew's interests, goals and dreams.

Students take Maymester to Thailand

Led by Chemical Engineering Research Professor Sirivatch Shimpalee, students enrolled in ENCP 460 traveled across Thailand and learned about sustainability development in the country. Throughout their two weeks there, students were also immersed in Thailand's history and culture.

A lighthouse in the night

Melissa Moss' path to becoming the director of the biomedical engineering program was anything but usual. But, now that she has reached this precipice of success and found herself in a position of influence, Moss feels a responsibility to help young girls who, like her, realize they have a passion for math and science.

Senior Capstone Project Spotlight: Pathfinder

Electrical engineering students have developed technology to help people who are visually impaired and workers in low visibility environments as part of their Senior Capstone Design Project.

UofSC and Clemson team-up with SCDOT for more efficient bridge assessments

Paul Ziehl, the associate dean for research at the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing, is the principal investigator on a research project that is using drones and robots to help identify a more efficient, cost-effective method to assist the South Carolina Department of Transportation in assessing the state's 9,401 bridges.

Senior Capstone Design Project Spotlight: Curiosity makes a move at South Carolina State Museum

Senior Capstone Design Team "Martians" designed and created an interactive 1:8 scale model of the Curiosity Mars Rover that will become part of an exhibit at the South Carolina State Museum opening on May 25.

Plastic and pollution beware

Through his research on underwater robots and autonomous boats called jetyaks, Ioannis Rekleitis sees a way to improve water quality and create more resilient coral reefs.

McNair Junior Fellows Research Program begins

As the orientation meeting for the McNair Junior Fellows Research Program began, Ramy Harik whipped a whiteboard marker out of his pocket, scribbled on the table beside him, and exclaimed - to much laughter - that this was his favorite part of the classroom. No, he is not an aspiring artist. But with that doodle and the comradery it sparked, Harik set the tone for what he hopes will be a supportive community of researchers for the rest of the summer.

2019 ASPIRE Grants awarded to CEC researchers

Thirteen CEC faculty members are among those awarded grants through ASPIRE, the signature competitive internal grant program of the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Mir receives UofSC 2019 Outstanding Thesis Award

Fariha Mir, a doctoral student in the College of Engineering and Computing, received the University of South Carolina's 2019 Outstanding Thesis Award for her master's thesis on acoustic noise filtering and energy harvesting using acousto-elastic metamaterials.

Ingrid Martins finds support and fans in ITT faculty

Ingrid Martins is the No. 4 ranked women's singles tennis player in the country and the UofSC program's first SEC Player of the Year. But it was the support she received from integrated information technology faculty in the College of Engineering and Computing that helped make this success on the court possible.

Tech Spotlight: Roadmap to a less congested information highway

Jorge Crichigno's research shows that like interstates that allow cars to bypass cities and avoid stoplights, the need is growing for scientists to share and transfer data - sometimes petabytes of it - to other scientists without being slowed down by routine cyber traffic. This is the basis for a Science DMZ.

3, 2, 1... GO!

Sam Dauchert stood in front of five teams and a hoard of onlookers as a garnet and black race track snaked around his legs and circled the packed room. Dauchert, a doctoral student and the class' instructor, raised his hands high, motioning three times for the room to quiet down. As raucous laughter shrunk to whispers, he laid out the rules for this year's annual top gun car race

4 Biomedical Engineering alumni receive NSF GRFP awards

The College of Engineering and Computing has four biomedical engineering spring 2018 graduates selected to the National Science Foundation's 2019 Graduate Research Fellowship Program. The students - Heather Struckman, Shrusti Patel, Colman Moore and Samantha Stewart - are among 2,050 graduate students from institutions across the U.S. awarded for their research excellence.

Mulliken gives life as a Be The Match donor

Entering the second semester of junior year, most students are focused on grades, internships, future careers, or some combination of the three. But for Josh Mulliken, a computer information systems major in the CEC, his main focus was saving a life.

15 students win Outstanding Senior Awards

The College of Engineering and Computing recognized 15 undergraduate seniors with Outstanding Senior Awards. The award recipients were recommended by faculty members and selected based on their academic excellence, undergraduate research participation and active involvement in the college or university community.

UofSC opens Innovation Think Tank Lab in partnership with Siemens Healthineers

The University of South Carolina opened its Innovation Think Tank Lab in downtown Columbia in collaboration with Siemens Healthineers. The space will be an innovation hub where participants including researchers, faculty members, and students can think outside the box to solve issues in healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, and information technology.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Ehsan Jabbarzadeh can see where the future of engineering will be, and it's exactly where his interests lie: the mesh point between science and business. Through the entrepreneurial engineering master's program he began, he hopes the CEC's students can learn this, too.


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