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College of Information and Communications

  • Rachel Acosta standing outside Davis College

The Superwoman of the CIC

Since joining the CIC in 2018, student services manager Rachel Acosta has left a lasting impression on countless students and faculty. 

Acosta's job is to help students stay on track to graduate, but she continuously goes above and beyond. She is keen on making sure they take advantage of every opportunity that interests them — whether that’s studying abroad or working an internship. “I want to make sure students are considering what they are doing to build their resume or build their experience so that when they graduate, they don't just have a bunch of classes, but they feel like they have had a cohesive undergraduate experience,” she said. 

In the midst of juggling work and family obligations, she also earned her Master of Library and Information Science. Instead of taking the traditional librarian route, Acosta wants to use her degree as a stepping stone to get her Ph.D. 

Many graduates keep in contact with her because of her efforts to build relationships with them that go further than speaking about classes. “I can confidently say that my experience pre- and post-graduation would have not been the same without Rachel,” says alumna Lili Kramer. “She guided me academically and professionally as I navigated my plans for the future.” 

Working in higher education, Acosta has had her fair share of long and stressful days, but if she had it her way, she wouldn’t change a thing. Her favorite part of working as student services manager is the constant cycle of new beginnings and endings.  

“There is the fall semester with all the new students that come in and all of the excitement that they bring to campus, and there is the end of the semester with graduation,” Acosta said. “I love seeing the students who I have worked with for several semesters finally at that place of graduation.”  

Editors Note: Acosta will leave the CIC to pursue her Ph.D. in the fall. We are grateful for the impact she has had on our students and hope to welcome her back to the college in the future.

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