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College of Information and Communications

  • In the shape of a lightbulb, a drawing of a fist and underneath it a quote from Ida B. Wells: The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.

School of Journalism and Mass Communications statement on diversity, equity and inclusion

Posted June 12, 2020
Top graphic by Jason Porter.

To SJMC students and alumni: 

While physically distanced from each other and our students, we are reminded by current events of our shared values and privilege as faculty and staff of a journalism school at a state flagship university in South Carolina. 

Students come from various backgrounds, some more privileged than others. The legacy of white supremacy has damaged the lives of many, especially our black students, who may have feared speaking their truth.

We support all of you who find yourselves in the middle of conflicts over justice and equality.

We say to all SJMC students and alumni who are feeling isolated, alone and upset, especially our students of color, your advisors and teachers are committed to listening openly.  Black lives matter.  

We are inspired by these words of African American journalist Ida B. Wells, a posthumous recipient of a 2020 Pulitzer Prize for her reporting about violence against black people during the era of lynching: “The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.”

As we try to uphold and convey this truth in teaching you to become professional communicators, so too we also apply it reflexively to ourselves. 

We welcome suggestions to better support you now and in the future.  We are still learning, and we promise that we will continue.

The Faculty and Staff of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Rachel Acosta
Elaine Arnold
Michaela Baker
Shannon A. Bowen
Greg Brannon
Nina Brook
Lauren Bullard
Andy Burns
Kenneth Campbell
Carolyn Click
Randy Covington
Pierre d’Autel
Kelly Davis
Leslie Dennis
Bonnie Drewniany
Art Farlowe
Scott Farrand
CJ Faulk
Mary Anne Fitzpatrick
Rebekah Friedman
Augie Grant
Ernie Grigg
Sabrina Habib


Patty Hall
Andrea Hickerson
Chris Huebner
Kevin Hull
Gordon Humphries 
Rushondra J. James
Jungmi Jun
Jacqueline Keisler
Van Kornegay
Seihill Kim
Michelle LaRoche
Karen Mallia
Stephanie Martin
Carmen Maye
Denise McGill
Brooke McKeever
Robert McKeever
Alison Moons
Terri Moorer
Tara Mortensen
David Moscowitz
Leigh Moscowitz
Holly Overton

Carol J. Pardun
Kirstin Pellizzaro
Rick Peterson
Katherine Pettit
Jason Porter 
Marcia Purday
Bertram Rantin
Tom Reichert
Eric P. Robinson
Manie Robinson
Lisabeth Sisk
Juliet N Smith
Laura Smith
Shirley Staples Carter
Dora Stryffeler
Eileen Waddell
Debi Wallace
Larry J. Webster, Jr.
Taylor Wen
Ernest L. Wiggins
Jeffrey Williams
Linwan Wu





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