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Meteorologist to manager: Darci Strickland's story

Darci Strickland, ’97 SJMC alumna and award-winning journalist for WLTX Columbia, has always been naturally curious, but never considered journalism as a career until she was in college. After transferring to USC for her second year of college, Strickland switched from engineering to journalism.

Darci Strickland
Darci Strickland

“We’re living in a better place because I’m not building bridges,” she said with a laugh. 

After 25 years in broadcast journalism, Strickland says it has become more of a challenge in recent years.

“We are living in an age where journalism has never been more important,” Stickland says. “But ... people are less likely to believe what they hear.” She counters this challenge by always being viewer-centered, solution oriented, honest and unbiased. 

Strickland, no stranger to awards, finds greater meaning by making a difference in the community with her work. The Regional Murrow Award was awarded to her and her team for reporting on a child losing his life as a result of Department of Social Services policy errors. The reporting from Strickland and her team gained the attention of policy makers and led to changes in legislation.

After getting her degree in journalism from USC, she got a certificate in meteorology from Mississippi State. She began her career with WLTX as a meteorologist. Strickland has recently entered a new role as content manager and senior journalist, spending part of her day managing and part of her day reporting and anchoring.

In the coming years Strickland wants to see her role grow in the areas of recruitment, retention and training.

“I’m at the point in my career where I don’t know about doing this for another 25 years ... but I need to help grow a new crop of journalists,” Strickland said.

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